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The only Christmas Gift List needed: from travel enthusiasts to couch potatoes

Updated: May 5, 2023

Not everyone is gifted with finding the perfect present. From couch potatoes to travel enthusiasts, The Walking Parrot has got you covered with a rundown of 30 great gifts!


This list is tried, trusted, and suggested by The Walking Parrot employees.

We also want to take the time to mention that some of these products contain Affiliated Links, which means that The Walking Parrot could make a commission when clicked on.

1. Noise-canceling headphones/earbuds

Whether you want to block out turbulence or politics at the Christmas table, these are some of the best noise-canceling devices around.

2. Spices from around the world

No kitchen cabinet is complete without an extensive array of spices. A great gift for any worldly cook or a subtle nod towards the dry turkey.

3. English Tea Assortment

A great way to get through wintertime is with a steaming cuppa. Nothing will make a tea-enjoyer happier than a full selection of England's finest.

4. Polaroid Camera

The perfect way to capture a spontaneous moment is with an instant camera. The popular fad from the 80s is back in a much more travel-friendly way!

5. AirTag

The fear of losing your prized possessions on holiday is real. Whether you gift this AirTag to your favourite backpacker or forgetful bestie, they are sure to keep this one close.

6. Travel Journal

A travel journal is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to cherish their unforgettable travel adventures. It offers a unique way of looking back on some of life’s most valuable memories.

7. Cocktail mixers from around the world

Bring the exotic flavours of your favourite holiday drinks home with this set of 20 cocktail mixers. These are sure to take your tastebuds on a trip.

8. Travel Games

Whether you want to keep the kids busy in the backseat or entertain on the go. Travel-sized games are always a fun way to spend time. Amazon has thousands to choose from!

9. Passport holder

Nothing’s worse than having to rifle through the bottom of your backpack looking for an overly stuffed wallet. This stylish passport holder serves as the perfect travel wallet.

10. Go Pro

A Go Pro is the perfect gift for any self-proclaimed (travel) influencer. This high-definition compact camera is a fun gift for anyone who can’t be bothered whipping out their phone to capture a moment. Easy to take anywhere and make some authentic videos.

11. Travel-inspired candles

If you want to bring the feeling of the world to your own house, a scented candle is a beloved gift for everyone. Yankee Candles have over 600 different smells ranging from obscure sentiments to your favourite places.

12. Airplane Blanket

Know someone with constant cold feet or does the thought of airplane blankets fill you with dread? This compact blanket is perfect to carry anywhere and even serves as a pillow!

13. Coffee from around the world

Do you have a certified coffee aficionado in your family? Send them this assortment of coffee from around the world. No more debate on what is the best roasted bean when you have the whole world on your counter.

14 Piggy bank

Give a helping hand to those with big dreams. A piggy bank of any sort is always great to receive, especially if the starting fund is provided.

15. Scratch globe

If you want to help your friends keep track of the many places they’ve visited, a scratch map is a great idea. This ever-changing map reflects the many places they have visited and will visit in the future.

16. Kindle

A Kindle is the perfect alternative for anyone who loves to carry heavyweight paperbacks on their travels. With a subscription to thousands of books in their library, there will never be a dull moment by the pool.

17. Lonely Planet

Next to The Walking Parrot’s travel blog, Lonely Planet is considered to be the guiding light for travel inspiration. With quality books ranging from city specific guides to bucketlist itineraries.

18. Carry on cocktail kit

Thirsty for high-end drinks on your travels? Don’t fret. With this carry-on cocktail kit, you can shake them wherever you go. It serves as the perfect gift for those classy travellers amongst us.

19. Vinyl record player

Vinyl is back from under a layer of dust. Whether you want to get grandfather motivated to play his favourite tracks again, or inspire teenagers to broaden their horizons. This record player plays the perfect tune.

20. Recipes from around the world

Every mother has received a wrapped cookbook underneath the Christmas tree. If you are unsure about which one she doesn’t yet have, this one combines all flavours from around the world.

21. Hotel gift card

This gift card will surely be on top of anyone's packing list. With over a thousand hotels in more than a hundred countries this gift card helps you pick out the best ones.

22. Airbnb gift card

For those who swear on Airbnb, this gift card will help them secure the best overnight place. From lakeside cabins to apartments in the heart of a bustling city, this card has it all!

23. Pack and Go Swap gift card

Perfect for globe-trotters, roadtrippers, and staycationers. This pack and go swap card has top up options to spend on airfare, fuel, food or lodging.

24. Candy selection

For those who have a sweet tooth, this package has 36 exotic flavours from 11 different countries.

25. Fanny Pack

Whether you like to travel through busy cities or hold your drink comfortably at a festival, fanny packs are all the rage. From convenient style to funny bum bags, this one is the latter.

26. Cosy Crocs

Say what you will about crocs, but they are undeniably comfortable. These ones are the perfect gift for any dad who refuses to wear something else, even in wintertime…

27. Atlas Obscura

Feed your loved ones a sense of wonder all year round with these 365 extraordinary cards.

28. Puzzle You

The perfect gift to surprise your loved ones with an unforgettable memory. Together you get to puzzle your most prized picture.

29. How to survive...

Introducing the concept of useful playfulness. This guide might one day save your life. How to survive a bear attack and many other questions.

30. Get your Guide Voucher

The best gift will always be an unforgettable experience. Gift someone you love the opportunity to make memories that will last forever with a guided tour.

Might we suggest: Lisbon, Porto, or Warsaw?

Hopefully, our Christmas gift list offered you inspiration right in time for the Secret Santa lottery. In the meantime, consider gifting your loved ones an unforgettable experience in Lisbon or Warsaw through our website. Stay tuned for more travel-related content through @thewalkingparrot!

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