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Bring Lessons to Life with Our Immersive and Enriching School Tours

Teachers need help!

A students tour is always a hand full!

Let's be honest, students love school tours, but for the teachers, this could be such a difficult task. As a tour provider, we know how time and power-consuming would be organizing of a trip which should satisfy a lot of people. We are here to help you with our long experience in this area.

School trips done better

If you are a teacher planning your next student trip to Warsaw, Lisbon or Porto, leave it to us, we prepare everything for you so that you do not have to worry about making it amazing for them!

Oranization of school tours
School tours providors Portugal

We help you with the planning

Planning of school tours

We get you there


The Walking Parrot will help you to be the favorite teacher of your students. All of them have big expectations for the upcoming trip. Satisfy everyone with support from our team. Winter ski vacation, summer camp, historical tour, or anything else. Doesn't matter what is the reason we can organize an interesting and safe experience, where everyone will have fun. With your guidance we can provide a couple of fun activities and games, your students will enjoy a lot. This is your vacation as well, don't stress out and leave the details in our hands. Contact us for free and share your ideas. Trust in our professionalism to organize a trip all of your students would enjoy. School tours have never been so funny. 

safe experience for schools
School tours orgnized by The Walking Parrot


One of the most important things for one trip to be good. Depending on your preferences, we can provide safe transportation.

Transport for school tours


After the whole day of fun the everyone will be hungry. That's why we can provide you with delicious and healthy food that all of them will like.

Lunch for school tours


Who doesn't like games? We can prepare many funny activities and games for all of your students.

entertaiment for schools

Walking Tour

Our guide will help your students to explore the city in the best way. Moreover, they are going to learn a lot of interesting facts about the place you are visiting.

Walking tours for schools


This is another very important pat. We work with many partners which can provide affordable and comfortable accommodation.

accommodation for school trips

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