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Polish Vodka Tour

Are you a vodka Fan? You will surely fall in love with our Polish Vodka Tour!

The Polish Vodka Tour Ticket Price


  • Regular Price: 40€

Possible Extras

  • 85€ extra for private per group

  • Language option; price is dependent on the language and availability

  • Possibility of a combo pack with 10% discount

The Polish Vodka Tour includes:

  • Possibility to schedule from Tuesday to Saturday 

  • Three different bars 

  • Taste all the types of vodka 

  • Learn the history of Vodka


Take vodka tour in the city of vodka

Your experience in Warsaw will not be full without exploring polish favorite spirit drink. Vodka takes a big part in Polish culture, that's why we organize a vodka tour in Warsaw. Get to know the history of this strong alcoholic drink and take one of the best vodka shots in your life. Book now and do not skip the experience we offer during the vodka tour in Warsaw.

The Polish way

Vodka takes a big part in Polish culture, that's why we organize a vodka tour in Warsaw. Get to know and try this alcoholic drink with The Walking Parrot. (154)

Best Polish Vodka Experience Warsaw
Discover the best vodka of Poland The Walking Parrot

Vodka seen differently

Polish Vodka Warsaw what to try

All the vodka flavours

Polish Vodka Tour

Poland is considered a country of vodka, so Warsaw could easily be the capital of the vodka European community. This amazing country is one of the world's biggest producers of vodka. Тhat’s why there is no better place to take a vodka tour than in Warsaw. For all lovers of the spirit drink, we organize a full experience Polish vodka tour in Warsaw. Joining us will give you the chance to taste many types of vodka and to get to know the production methods of Polish's favorite alcoholic drink. Moreover, our local guides will take you to some of the most traditional places and will teach you the history of vodka and how it became such a big part of Polish culture as well as several fun facts that will make your day. For a full experience during your vacation in the Polish capital, you should include vodka tasting in Warsaw in your program. Book now and make sure you will not skip exploring more about the Polish vodka world with The Walking Parrot.

Polish vodka tasting
Best vodka tour in Warsaw

​Customer Reviews

I've been to Poland already several times and I've never came across so many different tasty polish dishes! It was totally worth it and Aga was a great tour guide as well! 


Amazing experience! 

A very nice tour, excellent service, high quality food. 

Classy with a very local atmosphere. We loved the ambiance with a lot of attention to detail. 


A Polish delicacy 

We loved our food tour with Pawel! He was passionate and knowledgeable about all things Polish and was also lots of fun. We had a great time. Pawel went the extra mile and gave us an extra old town tour after the food tour ended. Thank you! 


Polish food tour 

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