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From Historic Landmarks to Vibrant Nightlife
Explore Warsaw, Lisbon, and Porto with Our Group

Experience as a group

Spend less as a group

As a group you are entitled to get better prices, while most tour operators hide this fact, we embrace it! It is obvious that you can benefit from the tour tailoring specifically made for you in order to achieve for all the group an experience in the city you are visiting like no other! Make yourselves a favour and reach out to us explaining what you would like to discover and we will prepare everything for you, you just have to arrive and enjoy. Experience as a group is always fun. 

Better together

Being with your friends or family allows you to have more control on how and when your tours are organised. We will make sure that we create the perfect plan so that you can enjoy to the fullest! 

Trave experience for grops wit The Walking Parrot
Ideas for group tours in Europe

Save money getting it better

How to organize group tour

We take care of everything for you

Tour together

See more for less

If you have friends and family that like to travel like you, join them together and speak with us, we will get your travel much more thrilling and complete for much less than you would alone. Let us know and we take care of everything for you. We recommend at least one month or more in advance in order to be able to get the best deals!

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Group traveling by The Walking Parrot


Sounds kind of obvious but still, we are the best professionals at preparing your tours, depending on your group tastes we will get the best activities for your group.

Orgaization for group activities


We are real foodies, so we know that a travel experience can not be completed without the delicacies of local cuisine, so you can count on us to have all your food plans prepared with high quality!

Group food tours


Getting around the town and nearby locations can be an hassle to organise, however as a group you can get much more competitive prices and we take care of all of that for you.

Transport for groups

Reach out to us and tell us what you want

Group tours with The Walking Parrot
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We have our partners that can guarantee you a better price, but also we are experienced in negotiating with several accommodations so we can take care of that for you as well.

Travel experience for group with The Walking Parrot

Party planning

We know that if you are in a group you are even more likely to want to celebrate a bit, we have the coolest party plans so that you just have to have fun knowing that we take care of everything

The best destinations for group tours

Concierge service

Being abroad means that you are further away from your normal assistance and support. With this said, we offer a 24/7 concierge service to the ones that want to be sure that they have the support they need at all times.

Groups traveling
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