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Polish Food Tour

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There is no Polish food tour without Pierogi.

We know that one of the most exciting and adventurous things to do when traveling is to experience local gastronomy. In our Polish food tour, we have carefully chosen the best restaurants and bars for you to fulfill this experience in the dazzling city of Warsaw. On this unique food experience in Warsaw, we guarantee you that you will try the best pierogi in the city! Well, not one dumpling; did you know that 'pierogi' is actually in plural form? Join our Polish food tour and discover more about the local gastronomy of Warsaw with us!

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Polish cuisine can awake everyone’s appetite. Come with The Walking Parrot, try and learn about the delicious local food. Polish gastronomy is amazing, don't miss it!

The best Food Tour in Poland The Walking Parrot
Best Polish food in Warsaw The Walking Parrot

Warsaw is for you! 

Polish food tasting The Walking Parrot

Polish food warms you.

Polish Food Tour

Poland is known for its hearty and comforting meals, which will make you warm on the winter days and keep you satisfied during the summertime! In this Polish food tour in Warsaw, you will experience the local way of eating. We will take you to a wide variety of restaurants, from the small and traditional bars to the elegant and modern restaurants. Did you know that pierogi is so popular that they even have a patron saint? Our local guide will share more interesting facts like this about the food you are tasting and will explain to you, why certain dishes are a part of Polish culture for such a long time. Even though we are also obsessed with pierogi, there is so much more in the local gastronomy of Warsaw to try! The Walking Parrot will take you to a gastronomy experience with the most essential and emblematic dishes of Poland and we promise you that you will not have a feeling that you missed something during our polish food tour. We believe in the old saying; the best memories are made gathered around the table!

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Polish gastronomy in Warsaw

​Customer Reviews

Me and my girlfriend are now in love with polish cuisine. We really enjoyed this experience and we strongly reccomend this tour for everybody. 


In love with polish food  

The guide was on time, the food was delicious and tasty!. The guide explained us everything about the polish food, the environment of the restaurants were comfortable, all the time the guide was friendly with the guests. I'm very happy for did this tour and i recommend do this for sure! 


Food tour 

Really enjoyed this tour so much. Our guide was informed, charming and she shared family stories 

about meals. Restaurants we visited were classically Polish, friendly and the food was delicious and 

plentiful. Highly recommended. 


Excellent tour 

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