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Corporate events

Because corporate and team-building events always come first!

Corporate events

Reward your team 

We are ready to attend upon you when it comes to corporate events abroad! Save yourself from the aggravating process of organizing events abroad for your company and let everything be planned by The Walking Parrot! We are here for you in everything you need to have the best corporate events abroad from conferences to incentive tours!

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Coorporate events with The Walking Parrot

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Corporate Events

We are aware of the fact that planning corporate events abroad is a necessity for every successful international corporation. However, organizing such a complex occasion comes with a lot of stressful arrangements when it has to be done by the members of the company. From the accommodation, food, through the conferences and presentations to the programs and entertainment, there are plenty of small details to take care of. The good news is that if you choose our service, you don't need to put one under any of these burdens, we will take care of everything for you! You can enjoy a calm and stress-free corporate event with your colleagues or employees abroad! Contact us for more information and arrange a video call with us, so we can discuss all the details regarding your needs and expectations about your company’s own, unique corporate events abroad!

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Finding great accommodation is a must to have a productive and successful corporate event abroad. We can book you the most comfortable and sophisticated hotels which will definitely meet your needs!

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Conference rooms

The best ideas are born in a calm and clean environment. We can offer you the perfect workspace to create something permanent!

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It is really important to provide entertaining programs for your employees so they can remember this occasion as one of the best corporate events of their life! We assure you that our programs will leave them absolutely satisfied in this matter!

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