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Polish Beer Tour

Sip Your Way Through the Best of Poland's Beers on Our Polish Beer Tour


Life is too short to drink bad beer!

One of the most exciting sides of the Polish capital is its excellent quality breweries, therefore delicious beers. A beer tasting in Warsaw can be a hidden gem to the visitors of the city, however, there is a lot to learn about the beer culture and there are plenty of different beers to try! In our Polish Beer Tour in Warsaw, we take you to some of the pubs with the most unique atmosphere, where our tour guide will tell you everything you need to know about the production and consumption of these precious beers! Join the craft beer tour of The Walking Parrot and try the finest beers of Warsaw!

Polish beers

Gather your friends and prepare to explore Polish beer culture. The Walking Parrot take you to the best spots for craft beer in Warsaw!

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Variety and quality

Best beer experience in Poland

The best European Beers

Polish Beer Tour

Warsaw is a city with a rich culture in traditional and craft beer, so for a real beer lover, this is paradise! In our Polish Beer Tour in Warsaw, we take you to some of the most appreciated pubs of the city to try the finest beers of Poland! Our guide, who is devoted to beer, will tell you everything you need to know about the precious classic drink you are slowly sipping, from the art of brewing to the notes of flavors you can taste in your beer. We can assure you, a Polish beer tour in Warsaw is an experience a beer lover cannot miss! Come and join our craft beer tour in Warsaw and get to know everything about the Polish way of preparing one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in the world!

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​Customer Reviews

it was a real fun experience, with an awesome and funny staff and a lot of participators who wanted 
some fun! Would strongly recommend this for all who wants to see the night life in Warsaw. 


Fun way to befriend others 

Very enjoyable experience!! Lots of beautiful food and an overall amazing time. It was incredible to try a totally different beers. We felt very engaged and the conversation was lovely. 5 out of 5!!! 


Excellent! :) 

Loved the tour! Very fun and informative. Everything was explained wonderfully. Definitely recommend!! 


A wonderful place for friends to gather! 

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