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The Best Spring Season Hiking Trails in Slovenia

What better way is there to start the Spring than going on a hiking adventure in Slovenia? With its spectacular landscapes, hills, mountains and lakes, Slovenia truly is a perfect hiking destination for the Spring. During this season, the snow has likely melted, the sun illuminates the surroundings for longer periods, and the enchanting blossoming of trees and flowers signals the awakening of mother nature. Slovenia's captivating scenery makes it a perfect destination for springtime exploration. If you are interested in traveling to Slovenia, don't forget to read our previous blogs on this beautiful country!


Discover with us:



Mostnica Gorge and Voje Waterfall from Stara Fuzina


Embarking on one of the most breathtaking hikes within Triglav National Park begins in Stara Fuzina, leading through the enchanting Mostnica Gorge. The trail spans 12 kilometers and typically requires approximately 3,5 hours to complete, making it well-suited for hikers with a little bit of experience. The trail takes you across numerous forest bridges, occasionally navigating through remarkably narrow sections of the gorge. The water, with its crystal-clear and emerald-green hue, adds to the allure. Upon reaching the trail's end, there's an option to extend the journey to Mostnica Falls (Slap Voje). Along the way, you'll encounter a delightful restaurant offering excellent Turkish coffee and strudel, with another eatery conveniently located just before the falls. If you like to try local food during your holiday and you’re planning to visit Poland or Portugal in the future, make sure to check out our food tours in Lisbon, Porto, and Warsaw.


Lake Bled Trails


Lake Bled stands out as a top tourist destination in Slovenia, drawing visitors with its enchanting appeal, including the stunning Bled Castle, as well as the charming church on the island. In close proximity, there's a captivating 6-kilometer loop trail encircling the lake. The path is predominantly flat, allowing for a leisurely stroll that can be completed in under 1,5 hours. For those seeking a more thrilling experience, an alternative trail ascends the nearby mountains, offering a panoramic view of the lake from an elevated perspective. Starting at Ojstrica, extending through Velika Osojnica, and ending at Mala Osojnica, this trail spans approximately 4.7 kilometers. It is advisable for hikers with prior experience, emphasizing the importance of wearing suitable hiking shoes and, if necessary, using hiking poles due to potential slippery conditions.


Slemenova Špica Mountaintop Hike


If you are looking for a more challenging experience, then the Slemenova Špica trail is for you. The length of the track is 5 km with an elevation gain of 393 meters. It truly is a fantastic day hike that can be completed in just a few hours. The tour boasts clear markings, moderate intensity, diverse terrain, fairytale like woods, and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Even though, the trail is considered challenging it is still doable for kids as well as dogs.


Bohinj Lake Trail


Lake Bohinj, spanning 318 hectares, stands as Slovenia's largest permanent lake. Nestled in the picturesque Bohinj Valley of the Julian Alps, it graces the northwestern part of the Upper Carniola region and falls within the bounds of Triglav National Park. A popular attraction among tourists is the delightful loop trail encircling Lake Bohinj, covering a distance of 11.1 kilometers and typically requiring around 3 hours to complete. The trail is quiet and peaceful, surrounded by mountains, trees, and water along the way. There are plenty of opportunities to refresh yourself in the lake or to take a boat trip during your walk.


Vintgar Gorge


Located near Gorje, approximately 4 kilometers northwest of Bled, Vintrgar Gorge is a stunning creation of the Radovna River. Spanning 1.6 kilometers, the gorge winds through the majestic vertical walls of Hom and Boršt hills, featuring the captivating presence of the Radovna River with its waterfalls, pools, and rapids. A well-designed study trail guides visitors across wooden bridges and through Žumer galleries, culminating in the impressive 13-meter-high Šum River waterfall, one of Slovenia's three river waterfalls. Vintgar Gorge is a remarkable natural attraction offering a picturesque exploration.


We've reached the end of the article The Best Spring Season Hiking Trails in Slovenia. This country has a fantastic atmosphere, and we believe you will love it as much as we did! If you are visiting Slovenia, make sure to read What to eat in Slovenia and Best of Slovenia. In case you are traveling to Portugal or Poland in the future, you should try out our tours in Porto, Lisbon, and Warsaw. Remember to follow us @thewalkingparrot to be continuously updated on the new releases. We will be back soon with a new article!

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