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Food Tour Porto

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There is no other food like Franesinha!

Porto’s gastronomy is so much more than the widely known Port wine, however, this alcoholic beverage is famous for a reason! Did you know that the lighter your Port wine is, the older and better it is? During the Porto food tour, our guide will share everything you need to know about Porto's gastronomy. On this food experience in Porto, you will taste one of the best Francesinha in the city and you will have the chance to taste the Portuguese sweets, which are undeniably irresistible! Discover the best food of Porto with our food tour and don’t miss the chance to learn about the secrets of Portuguese cuisine!

Portuguese Food

Portuguese cuisine can awake everyone’s appetite. Come with The Walking Parrot and try delicious food from fish to meat to the most famous sweets. 

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Food Tour Porto

When in Porto, besides the charming streets, elaborated tile arts and unique bridges, you cannot ignore the dazzling gastronomy of the city. The hometown of the remarkable Port wine has quite a few exciting foods to try. Therefore we created our Portuguese Food Tour in Porto, where you will get a glance into the most emblematic dishes of this Portuguese city. To mention an example, you will taste one of the best Francesinha sandwich of Porto while your guide will tell you everything about the origin of this uniquely prepared sandwich. Did you know that Francesinha translates to 'little French lady' in Portuguese? Get ready for more fun facts about Portuguese cuisine, because we can assure you, there is a lot more to know about! Book now for a Portuguese Food Tour in Porto and enjoy the comfort of eating and learning about your food at the same time with The Walking Parrot!

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​Customer Reviews

This was an enjoyable evening with good food and good company. The group was just the right size and very diverse. The guide was able to accommodate the fact that my wife has some difficulty with walking distance.


An enjoyable evening

I had some knowledge but many of the dishes had a nice little twist. For those who haven't tried give it a go. The host was most pleasant and very helpful in assisting when describing the dishes presented. A nice way to try out small samples.



Really enjoyed this tour so much. Our guide was informed, charming and she shared family stories  about meals. Restaurants we visited were classically Polish, friendly and the food was delicious and plentiful. Highly recommended. 

Genti J


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