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Whether you want to have a meal with different exciting flavors, Portuguese tapas is the best choice for you! Our Portuguese tapas tour is one of the most appreciated gastronomic tours in Lisbon, according to our guests. Explore the tastiest food with The Walking Parrot.

Taste those tapas

To get the most memorable tapas experience in Porto you should join our Portuguese
Tapas tour, which will take you to some of the most traditional local restaurants of the city!

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Tapas tour in Porto with The Walking Parrot

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The best tapas in Porto with The Walking Parrot
Portuguese Tapas tour in Porto

Tapas, in Portugal known as Petiscos, is one of the most local ways to eat, so if you want to get to know the gastronomy of Portugal this is a great way to do it! In our Portuguese Tapas tour, we invite you to an unforgettable food experience in Porto! We will make you discover several different styles of restaurants that the locals like to eat in, from the traditional style to the gourmet food in Porto. Whether you want to have a tasting or a fulfilling meal, our food tour in Porto will give you what you are craving! You will go to several restaurants with our local food guide and you will learn why the food you are tasting is part of Portuguese culture, how it got to be, how it is done and even who eats it. We can guarantee you that on our Portuguese tapas tour, you will enjoy some of the best food in Porto!

​Customer Reviews

Very good food and good guide that showed us around in old town. Thank you for such good experience.


Food tour

​I had some knowledge but many of the dishes had a nice little twist. For those who haven't tried give it a go. The host was most pleasant and very helpful in assisting when describing the dishes presented. A nice way to try out small samples.



The tour was great, food was delicious, the venues were cozy & genuine. The tour around the old town was wonderful, beautiful part of the city helps you step back in time.


Delicious food & good vibes!

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