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Wine Tour Porto

Savor the Best of Portugal's Wine Culture with
Our Porto Wine Tour!


It’s wine o’clock!

One of the best parts in visiting Porto is the fact, that this city has exceptional kinds of wine all around! Portugal’s fields are perfect to grow and harvest grapes, which is literally a gift from above, hence there are so many types of delicious wines in Portugal! In our Portuguese Wine tour in Porto, our wine-lover guide will take you around some of the most acclaimed wine bars, where you will have the possibility to taste different kinds of Portuguese wines mostly from the well-known Douro valley, including the famous Port wine! While tasting them, our guide will tell you details about the signature flavors and the process of making the certain wine you are sipping! Come and enjoy the different experiences these wines can offer you!

Wine in Porto

Douro region, where Porto is situated, is one of the best locations in the world for high quality wine. Port wine is just one of the many different traditional types of wine we have here. Explore the Portuguese wine tradition to fall in love even more with Porto.

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Wine Tour Porto

Among many other delicacies, Portugal is well-known for its impeccable wines. It has so many regions which are rich in harvesting grapes that it results in all kinds of different, delicious wines! Porto is really close to the well-acclaimed Douro valley, where the mixture of the sun and hills result in amazingly ripe grapes! On our portuguese wine tour in Porto, you will have the opportunity to taste the best Portuguese red and white wines from the Douro valley, besides perhaps the most famous Port wine, which is a totally unique experience! Our guide will take you to some of the best bars in Porto to taste wines and tell you everything about the process of wine-producing. While you taste the given wine, the guide will highlight to you the notes and characteristics the wine can offer to you. The Walking Parrot's wine tour in Porto is an unmissable program for those who enjoy getting to know everything about the wine they are drinking. Let's acknowledge the most significant alcoholic beverage of humankind together in the incredible city of Porto!

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​Customer Reviews

Cezary was a wonderful guide-very knowlegeable and friendly. We even became good friends. I highly
recommend touring with him.


City tour

I have been doing the tip based walking tour with Olaf and it was has been good. The guy was very fun and knowledgeable and the group was not too big


Great guy and great guide

The tour was great, we had 7 people along which was a great sized group where we could get to know each other and have a good laugh. Food was delicious, the venues were cozy & genuine. The tour around the old town was wonderful, beautiful part of the city helps you step back in time.


Delicious food & good vibes!

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