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It is undeniable that one of the best things on a trip is the local foods to try. In Lisbon, there are plenty of new tastes, which must be discovered, to wholly experience the atmosphere of the city. In our Portuguese Food Tour, you will visit the best and most authentic restaurants of the city which will present you the essence of Portuguese cuisine. Join our gastronomic tour, where you can taste the spectacular flavors of local gastronomy in Lisbon, one of the most sensational cities in Europe!

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Portuguese cuisine can awake everyone’s appetite. Come with The Walking Parrot and try delicious food from fish to meat to the most famous sweets. 

Portuguese food to try in Lisbon
Food tout in Lisbon with The Walking Parrot

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Try pastel de nata in Lisbon on food tour

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Food tour in Lisbon 

Portugal is full of surprising flavors, healthy and fresh ingredients and unforgettable gastronomic experiences. In the capital, there is a lot of opportunities to choose from, when it comes to food. The aim of our Portuguese Food Tour in Lisbon is for you to have a wonderful and relaxing time experiencing and tasting the essentials of Portuguese cuisine. You just have to sit back and enjoy the dishes that are some of Lisbon's best food. During the time you eat, our foodie guide will explain to you the most important things to know about the certain plate of the local gastronomy in Lisbon. From the hearty codfish cakes through the simple, yet amazing bifanas to the irresistible Portuguese sweets, you will gain a complex food experience in Lisbon! Indulge yourself in the adventure of discovering new flavors in The Walking Parrot's Portuguese food tour and do not miss the opportunity to learn where you can find the best nata in Lisbon!

Food tour in Lisbon with The Walking Parrot
Portuguese food to try in Lisbon

​Customer Reviews

Very good food and good guide that showed us around in old town. Thank you for such good experience.


Food tour

​I had some knowledge but many of the dishes had a nice little twist. For those who haven't tried give it a go. The host was most pleasant and very helpful in assisting when describing the dishes presented. A nice way to try out small samples.



The tour was great, food was delicious, the venues were cozy & genuine. The tour around the old town was wonderful, beautiful part of the city helps you step back in time.


Delicious food & good vibes!

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Portuguese food tour with The Walking Parrot in Lisbon
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Best food to try in Lisbon

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