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Best lakes in Slovenia

Updated: May 9, 2023

Slovenia, despite its small size, has many beautiful sights and natural treasures. If you visit Slovenia, you should not miss the scenic lakes in the country. The crystal clear water, fresh air, and relaxing atmosphere will take your breath away. If you're looking for water sports, romantic spots, wild swimming holes, or simply a place to relax and sunbathe, there's a lake for you. Because of the country's size, you can even visit multiple lakes in a single trip. Learn about Slovenia's most beautiful lakes by reading the blog.

Discover with us:


Lake Bled

The lake's well-known island. Beautiful fairy-tale setting surrounded by green hills. Take the traditional pletna boat to the lake's island, which is home to a magnificent Gothic church. If you want your hidden wishes to come true, make sure you ring its bell. Take a walk along the lake and admire the surrounding mountains and the lake itself, and then reward yourself with the original Bled Cream Cake.

Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj is an excellent choice for nature lovers because it allows you to enjoy the many pleasures of hiking in the Alps while also finding refreshments in Slovenia's largest natural lake. A wonderful trail leads from here to the enchanting Savica Waterfall and the nearby hills, where you can enjoy the Alps' beauty and delights.

Lake Jasna

This beautiful alpine lake is two kilometers from Kranjska Gora. Lake Jasna refers to two smaller artificial lakes. This swimming location offers a breathtaking view of high mountain peaks. Jasna is a popular Slovenian girl's name that means "clear." Due to the cold temperatures, only the bravest dare to enter the crystal clear water. There is a three-level diving platform for those. Lake Jasna is also a popular fishing spot and is situated in an area with numerous walking trails.

Triglav Lakes Valley

The Triglav Lakes Valley (also known as the Seven Lakes Valley) is located within the Triglav National Park. The valley has more than ten lakes, but some of them dry up during the summer, so the landscape is constantly changing. The lakes are all very different in size and color. Some names, such as Brown, Black, or Green Lake, refer to the colors. Because the entire valley is a national park, swimming, and other recreational activities in the lakes are prohibited. The site is still breathtaking, so pay a visit.

Wild Lake

One of Slovenia's natural treasures can be found near the town of Idrija. The mysterious karst Wild Lake is a true natural monument and Slovenia's first natural museum. When it rains, the lake's normally calm, emerald green surface transforms into a true wild water treasure.

Krn Lake

At 1 391 meters, Lake Krn is Slovenia's largest high mountain lake, located at the foot of Mount Krn. The lake has a diverse water ecosystem that includes 40 plant and 24 animal species. Swimming is prohibited in the lake to protect the ecosystem. The now-peaceful Lake Krn was once the site of Isonzo's front battles. Trenches, cavities, and barbed wire remain to remind us of those times. The path to Lake Krn begins in the Lepena Valley and takes about 2.5 hours to complete.

Lake Plansarsko

There was once a large glacial lake that drained and evolved into Plansarsko Lake. Walking and cycling are popular activities on the lake. The trail is surrounded by well-kept bike trails. Adventure-seeking cyclists can take a long route from Ljubljana to Plansarsko Lake, passing through beautiful villages along the way!

Lake Cerknica

The lake vanishes and reappears. This unique natural wonder is situated in the heart of a large karst field. Lake Cerknica is one of Europe's largest intermittent lakes. Rowing, fishing, biking, walking and watching over 270 different bird species are all options. Every time you visit, the changing shape and size of the lake provide you with a new and unique experience.

Lake Zelenci

To get to the lake and its marshy surroundings, take a special wooden footpath. You're in for an unforgettable green adventure. Many interesting plant species, including the carnivorous sundew, can be found in this natural reserve, and the animals mostly consist of amphibians and nesting birds.

Lovrenc Lakes

The Lovrenc lakes, which are like windows in the broad peat bog, are one of nature's most striking creations in the Pohorje area. While strolling through the gentle meadows and mossy wetlands, you can marvel at the peat bog pools and beds of rare plants, as well as take in the breathtaking views. The best views are from the wooden tower adjacent to the highest-sitting pool.

We believe that you got a lot of ideas for your next trip to Slovenia. Visiting the lakes in Slovenia is a must! You will be pleasantly surprised by how many beautiful lakes Slovenia has. Read more information about Slovenia in the article about Ljubljana or Piran. If you want to find out the best things that you can do in Slovenia, check out our new article about best things in Slovenia. Do not forget to follow us on Instagram!

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