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What to visit in Naples?

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Discover the beautiful coastal city of Naples (or Napoli in Italian), stroll along the streets to admire its impressive architecture, let yourself be warmly welcomed by its inhabitants, and let yourself be carried away by the history cradling the city!

Discover in this article what to visit in Naples, but also its events, and lots of tips!

Close your suitcases and let's take off for Italy!

Discover with us:

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What not to miss?

Underground Naples and Bourbon Gallery
What to visit in Naples?

Visit Naples undergrounds charged in History! Dug by the Ancient Greeks, then used by Romans as aqueducts. Again, used during World War II to protect people from bombs. Visiting the Bourbon Gallery, you will discover this bomb shelter linking the palace to military barracks. Now you can walk through tunnels charged with History!

Basilica and Cloister of Santa Chiara

Do you like the gothic style? Visit the Basilica of Santa Chiara, its two convents, and its magnificent cloister! And yes, you heard it right, two convents! A specialty of this religious complex!

What to visit in Naples?

Capodimonte Museum

One of the biggest museums in Italy and thus one of the most important in Naples, discover Capodimonte Museum and its art exhibitions created in collaboration with other museums to make it even more memorable!

What else to visit?


Visiting Naples, you have to walk along Spaccanapoli street, which is one of the main ones of the city, and the most famous also! Huge and animated, you will find lots of palaces and churches in the street, but also shops!

What to visit in Naples?

Maschio Angioino

Named like that by the locals, but more famous under the name of Castel Nuovo, this is one of the symbols of the city. Discover a panoramic view of the Gulf of Naples and Vesuvius! In addition, you can also visit the museum inside the castle (Museo Civico), which houses many works of art.

Sansevero Chapel and Veiled Christ

Continue your visit to the Baroque style by visiting the Sansevero Chapel. Be impressed by its interior with elaborately painted walls and statues adorning the beautiful chapel!

You will find several works of art such as the Veiled Christ, known internationally for the precision and delicacy of its veil, enthroned in the middle of the chapel.

Plebiscito square with the Royal Palace

This square is undoubtedly the most important in the city due to its size, but also due to the fact that it is bordered by the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola, one of the largest churches in Naples, the Royal Palace, which is very popular due to its extraordinary state of preservation, even though it dates back to 1600, the Palazzo Salerno and the Palazzo Della Prefettura.

San Carlo theatre

After visiting Plebiscito Square, go to the Teatro de San Carlos which is located next door and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Indeed, when you enter the theatre, you will be breathless by its period refinement with its oval room decorated in red and gold and with a ceiling honoring Apollo (God of music and song) and Minerva (Goddess of high thought, wisdom, intelligence, crafts and war strategy).

Umberto I Gallery

Built between 1887 and 1891, take a walk through the Umberto I Gallery and let yourself be carried away by the charm of its glass roof and walls that transport you back in time!

How to travel there?

To travel to Naples, you can use different methods:

First of all, you can take the plane that arrives at Capodichino International Airport (which gets cheaper to go there with time due to the fact that the traffic increases there).

Naples is on the west coast of Italy overlooking the Bay of Naples, has of course as means of transport the boat! Which will also allow you to visit the islands around!

If you are already in Italy, you can use the train to go there.

And finally, you can go by car or by bus!

Average costs

Naples isn’t the most expensive city in Italy:

For the accommodation, you can stay in a hotel for around 45€ easily, and if you have a medium budget, you will find nice & comfortable hotels for around 60€ per night for two people.

As for the meals, you can go to the restaurant easily for 12€, or around 30€ if you want good restaurants (but not luxury restaurants).

Finally, to use common transportation, a simple ticket is 1,10 €, but if you are using correspondence the ticket is 1,60 € for 90 minutes. If you are using often the transportations, prioritize maybe more the daily ticket at 3,5€, or if you are staying one week, the 7 days tickets at 12,5€.

What to visit in Naples?

When to travel there?

We would advise you to go there from April to June because you have beautiful spring landscapes, and the weather is getting better, and plus this isn’t the high season for the tourists, so you will enjoy it even more in the city that won’t be too crowded!

And obviously, the best months to enjoy the beaches and swim are July and August due to the good and warm weather, which makes the water warm and easy to go in.

What to be aware of?

Before booking your accommodation in Naples, read this because even if this is a tourist city and you should visit it, you have to be aware that this isn’t the safest city in Europe, especially in certain areas. Even if you shouldn’t get scared to go there (this isn’t more dangerous than cities like New York), to have a safer trip, take into account these pieces of advice about where you should avoid renting your accommodation. During your trip, the risk that you take is being the victim of thieves, so be careful of your stuff, but again this isn't more dangerous than any big cities.

You should avoid the area of La Scampia with lots of mafia and drug traffic. The areas of Forcella and Quartieri Spagnoli are also reputed to be under the influence of the mafia. The Quartieri Spagnoli isn't really dangerous during the day, and is crowded of tourists, this is more during the night that you should avoid to go there. As for the area Rione Traiano is considered dangerous for its drug traffic.

Centro Direzionale, Barra, and San Giovanni a Teduccio aren’t advised for tourists during the night, but also be careful with your stuff during the day.

Rione Sanità is an area that isn’t advised for its criminality due to poverty.

Where to eat?

When you are going to Naples, you must go to the pastry shop, Pintauro! Existing for 200 years, they are the ones that created the sfogliatella! So, at snack time, or as dessert stop there and try their sfogliatella!

Then as a meal, you should go to Pizzeria Brandi, where they say that the Margherita pizza was born!

And finally, we advise you to try the restaurant Mimi Alla Ferrovia, where you will be able to try delicious local and traditional cuisine, with good Italian wines!

If you're interested in local cuisine, read our article about the food in Campania region!


What to visit in Naples?

Settimana Santa (March)

Italy is very Catholic, so Holy Week is celebrated in Naples! Attend the processions through the streets!

Wine & the City (May)

Since 2008, find during 3 weeks many small events and wine tastings in palaces, museums, shops... If you like wine this event is for you!

Maggio dei Monumenti (May)

Are you here in May? After tasting plenty of wine at Wine & the City, take a good look around the city with this event that allows you to visit places that are usually closed to the public and are accessible for free. But also, by participating in guided tours, concerts, theatrical activities...

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