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The best of Amalfi Coast

Updated: May 30, 2022

Suspended between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Lattari Mountains overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, it offers a scenic route. Beaches, coves, terraces, gardens, and paths will be the protagonists of your visit. Mediterranean scents and deep blues, unite 16 beautiful towns in the province of Salerno that best express the beauty of southern Italy with their picture-postcard views and artisan spirit. Get your cameras ready, because there are so many destinations and each one has its own special features.

Discover with us:

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What not to miss?

Sentiero degli Dei - Path of Gods

10 km trekking route located inland, starting from Bomerano (Agerola) and ending in Positano. The name derives from the legend that Greek gods passed through here to save Ulysses from the Sirens. Its characteristic features are the panoramic terraces from which to admire the Faraglioni of the island of Capri, Punta Penna, and the Monti Lattari. An excursion that will involve you emotionally as the beauty of nature combined with spectacular views!

The best of Amalfi Coast

St Andrew Cathedral (Amalfi)

Amalfi is the village that gives its name to the entire coastline and is obviously considered a beautiful seaside town where its historic center is full of colors, scents, and joy. The square is dominated by its beautiful Sant 'Andrea Duomo with baroque features and marble whose interiors are wonderful. But it also satisfies museum enthusiasts with the Municipal Museum and the Paper Museum linked to the history of the city and its rich past.

Terrazza Sull’Infinito (Ravello)

A terrace suspended 400 meters above sea level, is considered one of the best belvederes on the entire Coast and a good opportunity to also visit nearby the marvelous Villa Rufolo, architecturally and aesthetically exceptional, which Bocaccio, one of the first authors of the Italian Renaissance, mentions in his work the “Decameron”. But also, Villa Cimbrone, which today houses a 5-star hotel.

Fjord of Furore (Furore)

A cool beach is located in a little fjord with an incredible arch bridge. A paradise for those who like to dive from different heights, for those who like crystal-clear water and panoramic scenery, all-inclusive in one place.

Marina Grande Beach (Positano)

This is one of Positano's most famous beaches, the one you will surely have seen in many photos because of its beautiful background: on one side there is the view of the Li Galli islets and on the other, many houses placed next to each other which create a colorful pyramid. Many other beaches in Positano will leave you speechless! And if you have time left, you should visit the Emerald Cave in Conca Dei Marini, not far from Positano.

What else to visit?

Historical centers

Each village on the Amalfi Coast is worth a visit, especially for its historic centers, beaches, monuments, traditions, and unique products which make them very picturesque.

From Vietri Sul Mare, which is the first jewel you can find at the beginning of the beautiful itinerary. The village is very famous for its fine ceramics, of which there is also a museum. Contemplating the Vietri ceramic artifacts is also possible by walking through the narrow streets and little shops, for example on Corso Umberto I and of course its beautiful Duomo. At the entrance to the town, you will find the imposing Palazzo della Ceramica Solimene, and also the villa whose decoration seems to have been compared to the Parc Guell in Barcelona.

Tips for you: we recommend you see Vietri Marina, which you can visit by walking down via Costabile or taking a local bus. There, you will appreciate the relaxing beaches and alleyways full of mosaics.

The center of Cetara, it’s a famous fishing village with very characteristic beaches such as the Baia or the Spiaggia del Lannio where you can admire the splendid Vicereale tower. The village also houses a civic museum where you can appreciate numerous paintings by artists known as "costaioli" who painted wonderful landscapes. We recommend you try the fried cuoppo in Cetara.

One after the other Maiori and Minori retain many attractions such as the fortress of San Nicola de Thoro Plano in Maiori, its caves, and castle. Or like the Villa Marittima Romana and the Basilica di Santa Trofimena in Minori. And if you prefer excursions, the route between Maiori and Minori is easily accessible thanks to the Sentiero dei limoni (Lemon Path) between the sea, sky, gentle hills, and the scent of lemon groves.

Finally, Praiano and Atrani offer highly evocative landscapes characterized by alleys, arches, courtyards, squares, and steps that make them natural nativity scenes.

How to travel there?

To go to Amalfi Coast, we do not recommend renting a car because driving around the coast is stressful since the road has a lot of curves and especially in summer it is very busy. Parking is also very expensive and can cost up to 7 euros per hour. Perhaps the best idea is to rent a scooter, which is also what locals mainly do in order to avoid traffic.

The best of Amalfi Coast

If you come from abroad and want to arrive by plane, one of the options is to land at the airport of Naples (Napoli Capodichino) and then you can book a private transfer from the airport of Naples that costs at least 30€ per person.

The cheapest option is, of course, the train but it takes more. So, if you are able to travel by train, you have to consider doing some journeys by bus. Our advice is to take a bus (Alibus) from the airport to Naples's station (Piazza Garibaldi) which costs about 5 euros, and then take a metropolitan train (Circumvesuviana) to Sorrento.

The cost of the train is about 4 euros per person with a duration of 1h10 min. Consider that Sorrento station is located right in the city center.

Alternatively, from the central station in Salerno, there are buses (SITA) to any destination (Amalfi or Sorrento) which make several stops in different locations and the cost of the ticket varies from 5 to 9 euros per person.

Average costs

How many expenses can you expect for your trip to Amalfi Coast?

The best of Amalfi Coast

Considered an elite destination, prices in this area should be quite high. Obviously, accommodation prices vary depending on the period you decide to go: for example, a room in a 3-star hotel in April can cost from 60€ upwards, and in July from 130€ per night. What works very well in this area are the holiday homes whose prices range from 70€ upwards per night.

Concerning meals, a dinner in a restaurant might cost 30-35€ per person, while in a pizzeria the budget is 15-20€ per person and an aperitif 10€.

Finally for transport, getting around and exploring the villages you can use the local bus system (SITA) which costs approximately 1-2€.

When to travel there?

The areas of the Amalfi Coast are very active and busy even in the low season. Obviously, the area is very crowded in the summer months and most of the beaches are not very wide. You might consider more spring-like periods such as April/May or September/October when you can enjoy walks in the pleasant sunshine.

What to eat?

Fish dishes

Dishes in this area are mainly fish-based and its cuisine is closely linked to the quality of the local catch. For example, the Cuoppo di mare consists of fried fish such as prawns, mullet, squid, and, of course, anchovies, most famously in Cetara, which is specialized in marinated anchovies and anchovies dripping. Also, a first course is the Scialatielli all'Amalfitana, a type of fresh pasta born in Amalfi with mussels, clams, and cherry tomatoes. Or a second course such as the Totani Alla Praianese dish, typical of Praiano.

Pastarelle amalfitane

Simple biscuits filled with lemon cream and white chocolate. Sweet and tasty, you can enjoy them at the Andrea Pansa pastry shop, located right in Piazza Duomo of Amalfi. Another popular dessert in this area is the Delizia al Limone, which you should definitely try at the Sal De Riso pastry shop in Minori. Although, its most famous dessert is the ricotta and pear cake.

Limoncello liqueur

The lemon of the Amalfi Coast is known throughout the world and the liqueur from which it is made is a delicacy with an intense aroma and perfume and an alcohol content of between 20% and 32% vol. Why not try it?

If you want to discover more typical food that you can eat in Amalfi Coast, read our article about the food Campania region (so the region of Amalfi Coast)!


Historical Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics - Amalfi (June)

As in the other maritime republics, which we saw in the Genoa article, the town of Amalfi remembers this historical period through a sporting event that celebrates the exploits and rivalry of the most famous Italian maritime republics (Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa, and Venice) with real crew and boats.

Ravello festival - Ravello (June-September)

A great event related to music as Ravello is defined as the city of music. It was Wagner himself who was inspired by the beautiful Villa Rufolo to create the opera, Parsifal. Cinema also plays a role in this event.

Notte delle Lampare – Cetara (July)

An event that recalls the tradition of fishing for anchovies, in which a real fishing expedition is organized and is accompanied by a festival both on the beach and in Piazza San Francesco to taste all the deliciousness of anchovies prepared in various ways surrounded by a lot of entertainment.

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