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What to visit in Dhërmi?

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Summer is still here! Are you looking for a perfect destination? Don’t search any further – Dhërmi might be a perfect place for you! This village in Albania is a hidden jewel of Europe. It offers the best of summer – clear sea, good weather, amazing food. Dhërmi is built at 200 metres above the sea level so the sunsets here might be the best ones you have seen! Interested? Keep reading because Dhërmi has lots in store for you!

Discover with us:


What to visit in Dhërmi?

What not to miss?

Canyon of Gjipe

One of the first stops on your Dhërmi adventure should surely be the canyon of Gjipe. This amazing 800 metres long canyon is carved by the Ionian sea. You can expect to see amazing rock formations and caves formed over time. If you are lucky, you might get the chance to see dolphins or loggerhead sea turtle commonly spotted in the area.

Pirate’s Cave

This cave is a great option for those who like to explore new places by a boat. The experience is surely unforgettable. You can find the cave below the Monastery of St. Todhri. It is also a good place for professional rock climbing for the ones seeking for adventure.

What to visit in Dhërmi?

Old Town

To get the full experience of this Albanian city, a visit to the Dhërmi’s old town centre is a must! The town is built on the slopes of the hills, making the view breath-taking. We recommend having a look over the town from the Monestery of St Mary. You will be amazed by the old stone streets.

Dhërmi Beach

After the visit to the old town, it is time to take some time for yourself to relax. Luckily, Dhërmi can be proud of the beautiful beach it has to offer. The beach is popular, but large enough to not be too crowded. There you can also find many beach bars to enjoy the Albanian cuisine or sip on cocktails. If you are an adrenaline, we highly recommend @visit__saranda for boat tours and jet ski rides. The experience is unforgettable!

What else to visit?

Mills Trail

Hidden path that the Dhërmi locals have been walking for centuries is another way to explore beautiful Dhërmi. You enter the path underneath the village where, if you look closely, can also see natural fountains. After the walk, relax at the Dhërmi beach.

Sunset at Dhërmi Beach

At the end of the day, you should take half an hour to watch the sunset at the Dhërmi beach. You can sit at a beach bar and enjoy a drink while watching the sun come down and disappear into the sea. The scenery is beautiful!

What to visit in Dhërmi?

How to travel there?


If you are travelling by plane, you will land to Tirana International Airport and then take the bus to either Sarandë or Himara. The second option is to first travel to Corfu and then take the boat to Sarandë and a bus to Dhërmi.


If you are travelling from Tirana, take the bus from the south station to Dhërmi everyday at midday. There are many buses that are scheduled between Vlorë and Saranadë. Tickets are cheap and a pro-tip is to visit the national park which is on the way.


A great option for travelling is to visit Dhërmi by a boat. An option is to take a boat from Corfu to Saranadë or Himara and then a bus to Dhërmi. A cool option is to visit Italy and then take a boat from Bari, Brindisi to Vlorë and Durrës, and then take the bus to Saranadë or Himara. This might be a longer option, but it for sure has its’ own perks.

When to travel there?

Dhërmi is becoming a popular destination so the middle-year months might be the busiest in the year. If you do not like big crowds, June is the month to avoid. The weather is the warmest starting late spring until the end of September, which explains the popularity of these specific dates. You also do not need to worry about rain as it is very rare in Summer. During these times, the prices of transport and accommodation are likely to go up. Generally speaking, tourists seem to avoid November. So, if you like to avoid the high-season November might be a good option for you.

Average costs


The average price for a hotel in Dhërmi is around 40 EUR with more expensive options for whole rental units starting at around 120 EUR and cheaper options such as hostels. We would recommend saving between 20 and 50 EUR to spend per person per day on attractions. The most expensive part of travelling is definitely the transport.


You can expect to pay around 300 EUR for an economy flight to Dhërmi. The trick is to book the flights as soon as possible as the prices go up with time.


If you are visiting Dhërmi on a budget, you are looking at spending around 5 EUR for a fast food meal while a cheap restaurant will cost you about 8 EUR. If you are looking for high-end restaurants, the prices start at around 25 EUR per meal.

Where to eat?

Taverna “Favern” is a great restaurant if you want to enjoy your meal next to the beautiful scenery. Here you can try some of the best seafood and complete your meal with a glass of house wine or strong Albanian liquor – rakija. If you are visiting Dhërmi beach, make sure to visit the beach bar Havana. Here you can also try the delicious coffee. If you want to stay at a hotel that has a restaurant, Elysium is a great option with a lot to offer.

Albanian cuisine is amazing! Let us know what you think of trilece, petulla or kackavall ne furre me domate!


Kala Festival

An amazing location at the Dhërmi Riviera is only one of the many reasons to visit the Kala festival. During the daytime, you can enjoy the beach and dare yourself to explore the hidden surroundings by excursions. During the nighttime, the place turns into a big party with amazing DJs. Many international young people visit the festival, as well as welcoming locals so you will be in great company!

What to visit in Dhërmi?

ION Festival

A perfect way to end Summer is by visiting the ION festival. This open-air festival is a bit different from the usual music festivals. Music lovers dance while watching the amazing sunset from the beach. The festival has multiple stages, all located in a smart way to celebrate the beauty of Albania. Some very big names are performing at the festival, such as Nina Kraviz, Marcel Dettmann, and many more. Sounds perfect, right?

If you are looking for a tour agency, we highly recommend Good Albania and @visit__saranda where you can also find amazing photos of Dhërmi for more inspiration. A good time and unforgettable experience are guaranteed!

Dhërmi is an amazing travel destination which we are sure you will dearly remember long after your travels! Let us know if you decide to visit it! We also have other places for you to visit, such as Durrës, Paphos, and Nicosia. Do not forget to follow us @thewalkingparrot to be always updated on the new releases.

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