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What to eat in Akureyri?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Akureyri is often called the capital of northern Iceland for good a reason. The city has plenty of cultural and culinary offerings. Because of its location on the bay, you can expect freshly caught seafood in Akureyri's restaurants, as well as other traditional Icelandic dishes sometimes served with an international twist. Definitely highly recommended!

Discover with us:

🍻 Drinks


Salty food

Fermented Shark

Fermented Shark, or as it is called in Iceland Hákarl or Kæstur Hákarl, is a typical dish from Iceland. Hákarl is the Icelandic name for the Greenland shark, and Kæstur Hákarl is a Greenland shark made fit for human consumption.

Eating Fermented Shark is a way for Icelanders to stay in touch with their roots and ancestors. However, some still consider it a delicacy and go to great lengths to get their hands on a good "hákarl."

Smoked Lamb

Smoked Lamb, or as it is called in Iceland Hangikjöt, is a traditional feast served at Christmas. The name comes from an ancient tradition of smoking food to preserve it by hanging it from the rafters of a smoking barn.

The Smoked Lamb is usually cooked and served hot or cold in slices, traditionally with potatoes in béchamel sauce and green peas. It can also be served in thin slices on bread.

Sweet food


Skyr is a milk product typically from Iceland. Skyr is made according to a 1,000-year-old Icelandic recipe in which skim milk is combined with unique yogurt cultures and a small amount of rennet. The yogurt is then concentrated, giving it a delicious silky yet thick texture.


Kleina is a traditional Icelandic pastry. It is a type of twisted doughnut, often flavored with cardamom or vanilla.

Kleina has its roots in Scandinavia. In other Scandinavian countries, they are served as Christmas treats, but in Iceland, they are on the table all year round.



Brennivin is a distilled liquor from Iceland considered the national drink. Brennivin is made according to an Icelandic recipe from fermented potato pulp and flavored with caraway seeds and angelica. It contains 37.5% alcohol.

The word Brennivin means "brandy. It also tastes a bit like old-fashioned brandy, but with a special aftertaste. It is usually served on traditional occasions.

We hope the article about the food from Akureyri made you consider visiting this beautiful country and trying out its cuisine! Follow us on Instagram @thewalkingparrot to be alerted when new articles are published!

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