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What to visit in Paris?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Strolling along the banks of the Seine, climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower for a breath-taking view of Paris, dreaming like a child looking at the luxury shop windows on the Champs Elysée... Have you ever dreamed of going to Paris, seeing its beautiful monuments, and having a coffee in the corner bistro with a croissant?

We only have one life, right? So, it's time to take your plane tickets and go visit Paris, this beautiful city of light, and the city of love (who knows you might fall under the spell of a beautiful Parisian!). And let us help you prepare your dream trip with the visits and events to go to, and lots of little tips!

Discover with us:

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What not to miss?

What to visit in Paris?
Le Louvre

Le Louvres 

If you come to Paris, you can't miss the biggest art museum in the world, the Louvre! You know where Beyoncé and Jay Z shot the video for Apeshit, or where the first episode of the Lupin series was shot. You'll find so many works of art there that you could spend your stay there without seeing the same one twice! You can see works such as the Mona Lisa, the raft of the Medusa, the Venus of Milo...

Eiffel Tour 

From the top of its 324 meters, the Iron Lady has watched over Paris since the Universal Exhibition of 1889.

Located between the Champ de Mars and the Trocadero, the Eiffel Tower will give you a breathtaking view of Paris! And if you want to splurge, you can even eat in the prestigious restaurant Le Jules Verne, located on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower.

Our little tip is if you are not too lazy, don’t take the escalators but the stairs to go up, you will wait less and pay less (but if you want to access all the open floors you need to take the elevator).

Avenue des Champs Élysée 

The Champs Elysées is well known to all, often mentioned in songs, and a must-see place during a stay in the beautiful French capital. Walk along the Champs Elysées, admire the windows of the luxury shops (especially at Christmas!), stop for a macaroon at Ladurée, go to the Disney Store with the youngest (and oldest). The Champs Elysées is not only an avenue for luxury shops but also for demonstrations (such as the yellow waistcoats), or to reunite in case of victory as with Les Bleus during the 1998 or 2018 World Cup. But it is also here that the 14 July parade takes place, during the French bank holidays.

What to visit in Paris?

Butte de Montmartre

On your way to visit Montmartre, take the time to stop in a small café, and immerse yourself in this place that was the heart of bohemian life, as Nicole Kidman takes you there in the film Moulin Rouge. Go for a walk on Place du Tertre where you will find the artists' hangout (and then go home with your painting). The Sacré Coeur is of course the thing to see when you go to Montmartre. And in the evening, to get the most out of the Montmartre experience, go to the famous Moulin Rouge to watch its unmissable shows!

Jardin des Tuileries 

The Jardin des Tuileries is one of the busiest public gardens in the city. Catherine de Medicis is the one who built the Tuileries Palace in 1564 (which will be definitively destroyed in 1883), and also arranged the Tuileries Gardens converting it into a place for prestigious receptions. The place which was thus a place reserved for the upper classes at the time is now frequented by many Parisians and tourists.

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris

On the way to the Ile de la Cité, you can say hello to Quasimodo and his Gargoyles. The Cathedral, which is one of the most important monuments in Paris, is still used as a holy place and is not just for tourists. When you go inside you will be charmed by its architecture and decoration.

What else to visit?

Unfortunately, we can't list all the beautiful things to visit in Paris, otherwise, you will still be reading this article tomorrow! But here are some other great places to visit!

Jardin du Luxembourg

Created for Marie de Medici (Queen of France) in 1612, this garden, which is a mixture of French and English gardens, delights Parisians and tourists alike! You will find plenty of games for children and exhibitions.

Bois de Vincennes

The Bois de Vincennes is one of the largest parks in Paris, you can walk in this beautiful flower garden, visit the castle of Vincennes, and do many other activities!

Arc de Triomphe

Standing at the top of the Avenue des Champs Élysées, and in the middle of the Place de l'Étoile, you can visit this monument by discovering its history inside, and by going to the very top of the Arc de Triomphe, for a breathtaking view!

Petit Palais

Created for the 1900 Universal Exhibition, the Petit Palais was transformed two years later into a museum of fine arts. You will find temporary exhibitions that will make you want to come and visit it every time.

Tour Montparnasse

The highest skyscraper in Paris is 209 meters high and has 60 floors. It often hosts temporary activities, so if you come to Paris, take a look at their website because it can be really fun! And even if there are no activities, you can always go there for the observatory.

The catacombs

A rather original part to do is to visit the catacombs of Paris, it is the largest ossuary in the world housing millions of remains of Parisians.

Place Vendôme

One of the most famous squares in Paris and one of the most luxurious in the world, if you are going to the Tuileries Gardens or the Louvre, make a small diversion to see the Place Vendôme known for its luxury jewelry shops.

Bateau Mouche 

Even if it is a typical tourist activity, it is still interesting to go on a fly boat tour. You take a tour of Paris on the Seine, with a guide who shows you the secrets of the city.

Musée d’Orsay

This very popular museum in Paris is located in the former Orsay station. Today you will discover many works of art from photography to painting, statues, and so on. You will find famous works of art, notably by Monet, Manet, Degas, Cézanne, Renoir...

What to visit in Paris?
Musée d'Orsay

How to travel there?

What to visit in Paris?
Air France plane

It is quite easy to get to Paris as it is the city with the most train stations and airports in France.

You can arrive via Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport (the one with the most international flights), Orly airport, or Paris Beauvais airport.

In addition, there are 9 train stations to take you anywhere in France and the Paris region, with the departure of the TGV and TER trains.

You will also find many means of transport such as the bus, the metro, the RER... to get around Paris.

Average costs

As it is the capital and very touristy, prices are much higher than the average in France.

For a restaurant, you will get an average of 15-20€ for a meal.

A metro ticket will cost you €1.90, for one person and for a one-way trip, including all your connections for 1h30 between the first and last validation within Paris. But if you want to go to the outskirts like Disneyland Paris or Saint Germain en Laye, the price will be higher (the price changes depending on the destination).

Many museums are free for students and/or minors.

When to travel there?

We advise you to travel between May and June inclusive, as this is the period when the weather starts to improve, and not yet very touristy. And when you do the visits, try to start at the opening of the museums to have fewer people (especially for the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower).

What to eat?

What to visit in France?
Bistrot at Montmartre

When you are in Paris, we advise you to try the delicious Berthillon ice creams and sorbets, which are homemade, and to roll around on the floor (despite the price, it is worth it). Otherwise, we recommend going to a bistro, which generally offers mostly French dishes. And even if you decide to have a hamburger, get one with French cheese in it, it's delicious, and that way you get to eat a little French! (you will often find it in bistros, there can be camembert, reblochon...).

And to discover more French food you can check out our articles on Breton cuisine, Norman cuisine, but mostly, the food you're eating in the Ile de France (the Paris and Versailles area in particular).

What to be aware of?

As in all cities, there are districts where it is necessary to be more careful, the 19th district is particularly known for that. Nevertheless, Paris is not a dangerous city. The biggest risk is the picnics in the metro and other places with a lot of people. Next to Paris, there is the city of Saint-Denis, which is more dangerous than Paris, so avoid it.


Foire du Trône

You will find in the 12th arrondissement the Foire du Trône, one of the most itinerant fairs in France, this year (2022) it opens from April 1st to June 6th.

Marché de Noël

During the Christmas period, you will find many Christmas markets, including some of the most famous which are those of La Défense, Jardin des Tuileries and Champs Élysées.

International agricultural fair

This is the most important agricultural fair in France. It usually takes place at the end of February, beginning of March.

While discovering a lot of products coming from agriculture, you will find a festive atmosphere that delights every year its participants.

Rolland Garros

Between the end of May and the beginning of June, the famous tennis championship, Rolland Garros, takes place every year. You will see many French stars attending the match, but also the best players of tennis making impressive matches.

Fête de la Musique

All over France, you'll find French people in the streets on June 21 having fun and drinking during the Fête de la Musique. You will find many free open-air concerts to entertain you.

National holiday

On the occasion of the National Day of July 14, each year takes place at the Champs Élysées the parade of July 14. A military parade, where you will see each type of military units with also tanks... The most impressive in our opinion remains the air parade with all its planes of the army which leave the base of Orange to parade at a very reduced speed to make enjoy the show to the French.

What to visit in France?
Patrouille de France

You will also find Fashion week and the arrival of the Tour de France as very popular events, and many other events.

Never stop exploring beautiful places and check our other articles. And don't forget to follow our Instagram @thewalkingparrot, to stay alert for the next articles!

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