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A True Football Experience at Euro 2024 in Germany

This one-time tournament and travel experience in Germany is set to be a thrilling football celebration, held in various cities across the country. It's a fantastic opportunity for both football enthusiasts and tourists to explore Germany which will showcase not only the games but also the spirit of each host city. If you're looking to experience Germany first hand during Euro 2024, here are some tips on how to enjoy the local culture and sights, and soak up the Euro 2024 atmosphere, even if you don’t have tickets.

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The Host Cities and Stadiums

Euro 2024 will feature the finest European football in each of these ten host cities, each with its own exceptional stadium and rich cultural and football history. The Berlin stadium is set to be a significant venue, which was used for the Olympics, with over 70,000 people capacity. Of course, with Berlin being the capital, it will play an important role in the tournament with many fanzones, entertainment and decorations happening all over the city. Munich's stadium, known for its distinctive architecture and lively atmosphere, is another colossal stadium in Germany. Add a stroll to your match day in Munich with its old quarters and lively beer gardens. Dortmund - Signal Iduna Park is famous for its exceptional football atmosphere, which includes the largest stadium in Germany in terms of seating capacity. The Mercedes-Benz Arena in Stuttgart is a beautiful location that offers visitors both technological and scenic attractions, as well as the chance to explore local vineyards.

Explore Hamburg's maritime heritage and contemporary architecture before catching a game at the famous Volksparkstadion. Discover Düsseldorf's lively nightlife, fashion, and art by visiting the Merkur Spiel-Arena in the Rhineland. The Leipzig - Red Bull Arena is in the heart of a city of music and history, the city offers a mix of old and new attractions, perfect for escaping during matches. Gelsenkirchen, situated near the Veltins-Arena in Lübeck, boasts a blend of modern sports culture and industrial history.

Allianz Arena
Allianz Arena

Euro 2024 Fan Zones

In Euro 2024, the host cities will have lively fan zones and local festivities, enabling supporters who cannot attend stadiums to watch matches in real time on big screens. The atmosphere of these areas is not limited to football, as food stalls, merchandise shops, and live music are all available. Walking through these fan zones can be a great way to get to know locals and fans from all over the world, as you come together to appreciate the Euro tournament's communal activities.

Berlin Fan Zone

The biggest fan zones are part of EURO 2024 Festival where you can anticipate a giant public screening in Berlin, fans from all over the world and interactive events and activities. Besides the sights and sports, other elements of the festival will also be part of an eclectic art and cultural programme.

In Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate will be surrounded by the world's biggest football goal, providing a unique setting for unforgettable summer evenings for the public to watch. A temporary artificial turf was used to clear the surrounding area, plus a temporary park called Juni will be a gathering spot for football enthusiasts, Berliners, and visitors. The Fan Zone and surrounding areas offer concerts, installations, art and activity spaces that are a perfect fit for the capital's football and culture festival.

Other fan zones in Berlin include the Reichstag Fan Zone, Platz der Republik and Berlin-Tiergarten, with daily opening hours from 14 June to 14 July. At all of these locations you can view all the 51 EURO 2024 matches, the Euro 2024 cultural programme, the world's largest fan pub, sports activities, and a football pitch. This vibrant atmosphere really makes it the ideal place to watch EURO 2024 games on large screens alongside other football enthusiasts in the most iconic settings. When there are no public viewings or concerts, the area will be reserved for picnics and strolling.

Berlin Fan Zone Location
Berlin Fan Zone Location

The heart of German Football: Munich

With its rich history, iconic beer gardens, and reputation as a hub for German football on every level, Munich is sure to be enthralling during Euro 2024. A city that offers fans fusion of world-class football and Bavarian heritage. Discover Munich's football scene with these tips, which include visiting the Fußball Arena München and immersing yourself in the sport.

Allianz Arena: Bayern Munich FC

The Allianz Arena is one of the world's most distinctive stadiums for football. It is famous for its exceptional exterior lighting that can illuminate in various colors, including FC Bayern Munich' red, being their home ground. Apart from its impressive architecture, the stadium is also one of Europe's most beloved football locations, recognised for its incredible atmosphere during matches. A stadium tour to the Allianz Arena is a must for any football fan's outing. Guided tours offer a glimpse into the stadium's inner workings. The players' locker rooms, tunnel, team bench, and learning center are all accessible. In addition to this tour, the FC Bayern Museum - Germany's largest club museum – offers visitors a glimpse into the club's long history through displays of trophies and special memorabilia and interactive exhibits.

Bayern Munich Atmosphere
Bayern Munich Atmosphere

Munich's Football Atmosphere

Munich will be infused with a football-inspired atmosphere during Euro 2024. Fans in Munich's streets will be adorned in their national colors, and local pubs and beer gardens will host the games, with enthusiastic fans backing their teams. Public viewing is possible at many local venues, as well as the official fan zone located in Olympiapark. These areas are tinged with excitement, much like the grandeur of an Oktoberfest, but for football. Munich's footballing scene is best experienced by visiting local sports bars and pubs on non-match days. The Stadion an der Schleißheimer Straße or the Hofbräuhaus am Platzl are a lively location for talking football with locals and fans from all over the world. Football is a passion in the city that goes beyond just playing games on international television and radio.

Olympia Park Munich Fan Zone
Olympia Park Munich Fan Zone

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