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Wine Tour Lisbon

 Raise a Glass to the Best of Lisbon's Wine Country on our Exhilarating Tour!


Wine not? 

One of the main benefits of visiting Lisbon is the fact that this city has exceptional quality wines all around! In our Portuguese Wine tour in Lisbon, our wine-lover guide will take you around some of the most acclaimed wine bars, where you will have the opportunity to taste different kinds of Portuguese wines, including the famous Port wine! While tasting them, our guide will tell you details about the signature flavors and the process of making the certain wine you are sipping! Come and enjoy the different flavors these wines can offer for you!

Taste the culture

Join our Portuguese Wine tour in Lisbon and taste the most emblematic Portuguese red and white wines in a city with an outstanding history of wine culture!

Wine tasting in Lisbon with The Walking Parrot
Portuguese wine tour in Lisbon

A wine tradition

ready to be discovered


Discover the artistry of crafting Port, a fortified wine renowned for its depth, or sip Vinho Verde, a crisp delight from the northwest. With a blend of ancient methods and modern innovation, Portugal's wines offer a taste of history that's waiting to be savored.

Wine tour with The Walking Parrot

Experience and learn Portuguese wines


Engage in tasting sessions that unravel the intricate layers of each varietal, while the city's vibrant ambiance enhances your sensory journey. With every glass, you'll not only taste Portugal's terroir but also its history and passion for winemaking.

Portuguese Wine tour in Lisbon

Among many other delicacies, Portugal is well-known for its impeccable wines. It has so many regions which are rich in harvesting grapes that it results in all kinds of different, delicious wines! In the capital, you can try wines from every wine region! On our wine tour in Lisbon, you will have the opportunity to taste the best Portuguese red and white wines, besides perhaps the most famous Port wine, which is a totally unique experience! The Walking Parrot’s wine tour in Lisbon is an unmissable program for those who enjoy the wine’s quality over quantity. Let’s appreciate the most significant alcoholic beverage of humankind together in the astonishing city of Lisbon!

Taste Portuguese wine in Lisbon
Portuguese Wine tastig in Lisbon

​Customer Reviews

Very fun and informative. Everything was explained wonderfully. definitely
recommend!! A wonderful place for friends to gather Loved the tour! Very fun and informative. Everything was explained wonderfully. definitely recommend!!


Loved the tour!

We had a great city tour with Olaf during quite 3 hours throughout the interesting places he gave us lot of explanation and stories. I truly recommend this tour and this guide. Thanks to him.


Great city tour

Olaf was an amazing guide! Very attentive gave us also some clues about the city and even enjoyed a lunch with us! Truly recommended.


Olaf is great

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Portuguese wine tour Lisbon
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Wine tour with The Walking Parrot in Lisbon

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