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Tapas Tour Lisbon

Savor the Flavors of Portugal with our Unforgettable Lisbon Tapas Tour!


Experience tapas like never before, it's simply 'Tapastic'!

Indulge in the finest Portuguese tapas, the ideal choice whether you seek a delectable tasting or a satisfying meal! According to rave reviews from our guests, our Portuguese tapas tour stands out as one of the most beloved gastronomic experiences in Lisbon. Did you know that Portugal is the world's largest consumer of Cod Fish, despite not having it in our own ocean? Uncover intriguing facts and much more during our Portuguese tapas tour.

Tapas Tour

For an unforgettable tapas experience in Lisbon, join our Portuguese Tapas tour.

We'll guide you to the city's most authentic and traditional local restaurants, ensuring you savor the finest flavors.

The Essential Taste of Tradition: Explore Lisbon's Culinary Heritage

Culinary Bliss Awaits: Enjoy an Unforgettable Gastronomic Tour

Try tapas in Lisbon with The Walking Parrot
Tapas bar in Lisbon

Tapas Tour Lisbon

Indulge in Portugal's Local Gastronomy: Discover Petiscos (Tapas) in Lisbon!

Experience the heart of Portuguese cuisine through our Portuguese Tapas tour. It's the most authentic way to savor local flavors and immerse yourself in Lisbon's food culture. We'll guide you to a variety of eateries, ranging from traditional to gourmet, beloved by locals. Whether you're seeking a delightful tasting or a hearty meal, our food tour in Lisbon offers it all!

Join our foodie local guide as you hop between restaurants, where you'll not only taste the cuisine but also learn about its deep-rooted significance in Portuguese culture. Discover the stories behind these dishes, how they're prepared, and who relishes them. Our promise? You'll savor some of the finest food in Lisbon on our Portuguese Tapas tour!

​Customer Reviews

Very good food and good guide that showed us around in old town. Thank you for such good experience.


Food tour

​I had some knowledge but many of the dishes had a nice little twist. For those who haven't tried give it a go. The host was most pleasant and very helpful in assisting when describing the dishes presented. A nice way to try out small samples.



The tour was great, food was delicious, the venues were cozy & genuine. The tour around the old town was wonderful, beautiful part of the city helps you step back in time.


Delicious food & good vibes!

best place for tapas in Lisbon
Tour around Tapas bar in Lisbon
Portuguese tapas tour in Lisbon with Tha Walking Parrot

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