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Fado Tour Lisbon

Spend an incredible night with the sounds of Fado music


Explore the magic of Fado music 

Explore the magic of Fado music in Lisbon and fall in love with this passionate way of singing. This is the experience that can be found only in Portugal. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy the silk voices of the singers during the Fado tour with The Walking Parrot. Join us for an unforgettable emotional night in Lisbon.

The culture you listen

If you are searching for the most Portuguese experience, a Fado tour is the right choice

Fado music tour in Lisbon
Fado show in Lisbon

Enjoy a meal while listening to fado

Bar with Fado music in Lisbon

The music that makes Lisbon

Fado Tour Lisbon

Fado music is one of the things, Portuguese are proud of the most. Fado as a style is captured by the word “Saudade”, symbolizing a feeling of loss. No one can stay indifferent while listening to Fado music. You will feel the emotions this style passes to everyone in the room. Listening to fado, you wonder what is this magic that makes you feel so touched. This is the time our guides are going to tell you the history of Fado music and how it was born. Moreover, you will get to know why it became such a big part of Portuguese culture. Are you feeling bewitched? Book your spot on our Fado tour in Lisbon and let the magic happen.

Fado tour music in Lisbon with The Walking Parrot
Fado music tour in Lisbon

​Customer Reviews

I had some knowledge but many of the dishes had a nice little twist. For those who haven't tried give it a go.
The host was most pleasant and very helpful in assisting when describing the dishes presented. A nice way to try out small samples.

Richard F


I have been doing the tip based walking tour with Olaf and it was has been good. The guy was very fun and knowledgeable and the group was not too big


Great guy and great guide

The tour was great, food was delicious, the venues were cozy & genuine. The tour around the old town was wonderful, beautiful part of the city helps you step back in time.


Delicious food & good vibes!

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Fado music show tour in Lisbon
Fado tour with The Walking Parrot
Fado tour with The Walking Parrot
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