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Lisbon Walking Tours

The Walking Parrot offers the best tours so that you live experiences you will never forget 

Lisbon Tours

The best way to experience Lisbon

Lisbon is the city of the 7 hills, so get your legs ready because this is the best way to feel the essence of this city. A capital full of history that you can feel, an intense and emotional experience is to walk with a professional guide that will take you to the most impactful points of Lisbon while sharing with you all about the Portuguese culture. Lisbon is a vibrant vibe and characteristics that make it unique, countless are the music that elaborates on how amazing this city is. Book a walking tour in Lisbon and explore the city. 

Lisbon places to visit

We have several different places that we consider a must within your discovery of this amazing city. Amongst them we have to say that Alfama is the one you can't miss if you only get to do one. 

Walking tour in Lisbon
Places to visit in Lisbon

Alfama Walking Tour

Walking tour with guide in Lisbon


Lisbon tours

You will feel "Saudade" when leaving

Lisbon has a way to make you fall in love. Discover more and more about the city on a walking tour through the most important spots. The Portuguese word Saudade represents the feeling of missing someone or something that you love but you are not sure you will ever get to see again. This is the perfect word to describe how you will be feeling looking from the plane window to the city that you discovered during your stay. Speak with us to discover all the private experiences we have ready for you in this special place. Lisbon makes our work easy as there is so much to offer and all of it will make you happy.

​Customer Reviews

Very fun and informative. Everything was explained wonderfully. definitely
recommend!! A wonderful place for friends to gather Loved the tour! Very fun and informative. Everything was explained wonderfully. definitely recommend!!


Loved the tour!

We had a great city tour with Olaf during quite 3 hours throughout the interesting places he gave us lot of explanation and stories. I truly recommend this tour and this guide. Thanks to him.


Great city tour

Olaf was an amazing guide! Very attentive gave us also some clues about the city and even enjoyed a lunch with us! Truly recommended.


Olaf is great

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Walking tour around Lisbon
Guided walking tour in Lisbon with The Walking Parrot
what to visit in Lisbon walking
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