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The Best Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

The tulip is seen as something typical Dutch, but tulips originally come from Turkey. The word tulip comes from the Latin word Tulipa: the flower that resembles a turban. In the sixteenth century, the tulip was taken from Turkey to the Netherlands, where it quickly became very popular among the wealthy. Springtime is also known as tulip season in the Netherlands. This time of the year calls for a nice stroll on the Dutch tulip fields. There are several tulip fields located all over the country and each of them have something special to offer. In the Netherlands, tulip season usually lasts from the end of March until the middle of May, however it's hard to predict when the flowers will be at their best. Based on past years, mid- to late-April appears to be the best time to schedule a visit to the tulip fields. As of this year, the famous tulip fields are already in bloom, turning the Dutch countryside into an amazing kaleidoscope of color. Seeing the Netherlands' rainbow-colored tulip fields is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is just as breathtaking as it appears. If you are visiting the Netherlands, don’t forget to check out our previous articles on What to eat in the Netherlands, and must-see places in the Netherlands.


Discover with us:




1.     Keukenhof Gardens


Keukenhof Gardens, which is the largest flower garden in Europe, is a must-see tulip field during Spring. Since Keukenhof is only accessible to the public for roughly six weeks of the year, it is highly advised that you purchase your tickets in advance to ensure you don't miss this renowned attraction. Keukenhof Gardens is open every day from March 21 to May 12, 2024 (including all Sundays and public holidays). By purchasing tickets in advance on the official website, you will be assigned a specific time slot for your visit. It is open from 8 a.m. to 7.30 p.m., and as it may get very busy at peak hours, it is advised to choose an early or late slot. This year the garden celebrates its 75th anniversary, for which they hosted a Symphony of Colors concert, which was opened by princess Margaret in March. There is also an additional anniversary exhibit, an anthurium and orchid show, a rose show, daffodils and special bulb show, a flower parade, and many other flower shows. Additionally, this year there will be a concert on the 8th of May celebrating the 75 years of Keukenhof, as well as a romance concert between 11-12 May for the symphonic music lovers.


2.     The Tulip Barn


The Tulip Barn in located in a village called Hillegom, southwest from Amsterdam. They are open from March 29 till May 12, 7 days a week, from 9.30 until 19.00. This is the most colorful tulip field you will see in the Netherlands, with over 750,000 tulips. In order to guarantee a steady stream of visitors throughout the day, tickets are sold in time slots. While purchasing tickets at the door is a possibility, it might not ensure that you get in at the time of your choice, as the capacity of the field is limited. And because they want to take a slightly different approach, instead of planting a show garden, they make the most exquisite tulip mixes! This garden has over 20 distinct tulip blends, such as darwin hybrid tulips, single late tulips, double tulips, emperor tulips, fringed tulips, parrot tulips, peony tulips, and so on that are thoughtfully arranged with consideration for form, color, and blooming period. You can see why they are the most colorful tulip farm in Holland when you are surrounded by the nursery's tulip production field. This tulip garden offers the most colorful tulips, food and drinks, and lots of fun for the little ones as well.


3.     Fam Flower Farm


Fam Flower Farm is a family-owned flower field created by 2 best friends from middle school, Marlies and Linda. Marlies and Linda both married flower growers, and they proud to show their tulip and dahlia fields to the public. They have multiple fields, and these are at various locations sites depending on the season. The fields are always in Zuid-Holland, close to Lisse or Keukenhof, approximately a 20-minute car ride from Schiphol Airport. The recommended visitation for the tulip fields in mid-April to end of April, and for the dahlia fields it’s end of August until mid-September. For both fields reservation is necessary. In addition to the flower fields, Linda and Marlies also sell flower bulbs and dahlia tubers and ship them all over the world.


4.     Noordoostpolder


Located in Flevoland, the tulips fields of Noordoostpolder are truly a treasure for the eyes. This year the tulip field is open from 19 April to 5 May. While some of these fields are not accessible from immediate proximity, there are cycling routes as well as car routes, where you can enjoy the view for long kilometers. Make sure to check out the Tulip Experience Field in Creil during the Tulip Festival. Here, you may stroll through the exhibition garden filled with hundreds of varieties of tulips and snap as many stunning pictures as you like. Additionally, three selfie fields with a unique pattern have been planted. The most exquisite artwork appears there when the tulips are in bloom. The Marknesse Tulip Picking Garden is yet another suggestion. You can have a picnic amongst the tulips and snap the most gorgeous pictures there. Remember to select a bouquet of lovely tulips for yourself to take home. That way, you can continue to enjoy your trip to the Noordoostpolder tulip fields from the comfort of your home.


We have reached the end of this article in the best tulip fields of the Netherlands. If you are visiting The Netherlands, make sure to read our previous blogs. In case you are traveling to Portugal or Poland in the future, you should try out our tours in Porto, Lisbon, and Warsaw. Remember to follow us @thewalkingparrot to be continuously updated on the new releases. We will be back soon with a new article!

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