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What to visit in Kotor?

Kotor is a hidden gem of the Montenegrin coast. This medieval city is in the Bay of Kotor. It

might remind you of the Croatian city Dubrovnik. The city is perfect for visiting if you decide to have a road trip alongside the Adriatic coast. It is a great mix for those who enjoy spending time at the beach, but also visiting the medieval centre of the city and many churches from that era. We are sure you will love Kotor as much as we did!

Discover with us:

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What not to miss?

Our Lady of the Rocks

For a wanderlust wanting to submerge themselves in the history of Kotor, a visit to the

legend of the Lady of the Rocks will surely revitalize anyone. Even more so, with a quick visit

to the cathedral (accompanied by the museum) before sunset, to humor the ritual before

succumbing to its beautiful display of humility.


An islet, not more than 200 meters in diameter, separates the dark, open sea from the

crystal blue bay of Kotor's entrance. A top of its rocky surface lays a Fortress built under the

Austro-Hungarian rule – a natural testimony of fearlessness against shortcomings, and easily

explored within the day making it a hiker’s delicacy.

Blue Cave

A romantic getaway, on a tiny boat sailing under the crystal-covered caves, may just want

your relationship needs! Light refracts on the crystals, creating a magical blue haze almost

like one of Disney movies. Luckily, in unfortunate matters, this jewel is easily missed – so

queues will not be a hassle.

Boka Bay Day Cruise

Mindless activities are often frowned upon, however with the many touristic opportunities

to leisurely explore the Bay of Kotor and its surrounding islets – it may just be what the

doctor prescribed for stress reduction. Each tour varies in length, but we recommend a 6- hour tour in order to just relax enough before settling again on foot to continue the

exploration of its rustic atmosphere.

Tara River Whitewater Rafting/Kayaking

18 km of Riverbanks, hollowed out by rocks is a perfect geographic potion for hours of fun

with the whole family and friends. Excellent teamworking and some old clothes you don’t

mind wetting are highly necessary to complete this activity. Bear in mind, that the full scenery will not be observed within a day so clear at least 2 days off your vacation calendar.

What else to visit?

Lovćen National Park

If you have enough time, we would highly recommend you to visit the Lovćen National Park

which is one of the most famous in Montenegro. There are many things to do – hiking,

biking, going to an adventure park, having a picnic, and more. Make sure you visit the

Lovćen Mausoleum. If you are an adrenaline junkie, also try the Lovćen zipline!


Another nice day trip from Kotor is a visit to Perast. Perast is a tiny Mediterranean village

rich in ancient history and amazing scenery. The village is a 20-minute drive from Kotor, but

we would highly recommend you get on a hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus from Kotor.

How to travel there?


When visiting Kotor, we would highly recommend renting a car and exploring a few cities on

the Adriatic coast. For example, Kotor is 2 hours car drive from Dubrovnik. In Kotor, you will

have no issues finding a parking spot, since either city has numerous paid and non-paid

parking options. In the old city center cars are not even allowed, but there are parking spots

nearby. The prices and ways of paying are mentioned in the parking lots.


If you decide to travel to Kotor by plane, the closest airport is Tivat. Although, from the

airport, there are no direct buses to Kotor. Therefore, the only mean of transport is by taxis

or private transport. The drive from the airport to Kotor is approximately 10 minutes. We recommend getting a transfer to the main train station in Tivat, located approximately

3 kilometers from the airport, and then continuing your journey to Kotor by bus. An alternative is to fly to Dubrovnik or Podgorica. In both cases, you still need to get to a bus

station and take a bus to Kotor.

When to travel there?

The best time to travel to Kotor is in the summer months. Although, this has its; own major con - many other tourists are aware of this information. The sunny and warm summer

weather in Montenegro will allow you to visit Kotor from early June to early September.

Therefore, we would advise you to go there either in June or end of August/beginning of

September to avoid the busy crowds.

Average costs

Accommodation - The average price for accommodation per night per person in Kotor is 37 EUR. If you are traveling in pairs, a double-occupancy hotel room will cost you around 73 EUR.

Transportation - Average cost of taxi expenses per person in Kotor is approximately 7-8 EUR. Although, public transport is much cheaper.

Food- Meal prices in Kotor vary, but you can expect to spend around 37 EUR per day if you decide to dine in restaurants. A meal in a restaurant is on average around 14 EUR. If you are on a budget, street food and fast food restaurants are cheaper alternatives.

Entertainment - If you decide to visit museums and attractions, day tours, and other sightseeing places, the average ticket will be around 6-7 EUR.

What to eat there?

When it comes to traditional food, Montenegrins surely have a lot to offer.

Burek - This tasty pastry is perfect if you want something to eat while on the go. It is filled with either spinach, cheese, meat, or potatoes. Warm and crispy, it is a perfect street food you can get from any bakery in town. Balkan people have Burek with yogurt, so we would

definitely recommend you too!

Black Risotto - Tasty risotto with its recognizable black colour coming from squids ink is one of the main delicacies of Kotor. This coastal speciality is a great option for you if you want to try the amazing and fresh seafood of the Adriatic. Have it with some white wine and we are sure Kotor will be a place you come back to.

Calamari - Fresh, directly pulled out of the Kotor Bay seafood is a must for all the foodies. In Kotor, fisherman spends their early mornings catching your lunch for the day. Fresh squid is always a safe and tasty option. Although, if you are more on the adventurous side, dare to ask for the „Catch of the day“. The waiter will offer you the best seafood of the day.

Cevapi - If you prefer meat over fish, order some cevapi! Cevapi is a famous Balkan dish of minced meat served in bread buns. It is the very best of Kotor's street food.

Baklava - After all this amazing food, you might be starting to feel a sweet tooth. Get lost in the layers of pastry and ground walnuts drowned in sweet syrup. This originally Turkish dessert has a special touch of lemon and savory in Montenegro. No wonder it is an all time


Bajadera - Make sure you also get some Bajadera from the local grocery shops. This chocolate candy is mostly made of nougat creme, surrounded by - what else but - even more chocolate!


Searock Festival

If you find yourself in Kotor on the last week of July, it might be cool to visit the Searock

Festival. This two-day festival is free entrance and is located on the Summer Stage in the Old

Town. Enjoy the amazing scenery while listening to the best rock music!


A unique event related to the island of Our Lady of the Rock occurs every summer on 22nd

July when, at sunset, a parade of boats departs from Perast. Priest and singers accompany

the boats by singing traditional songs. The event is a must-see!

Boka Night

Coming from the „Venetian Night“, this event takes place on the last Saturday in August

and is known for the creative boat parade. The jury decides on the best among many creative and innovative boat decorations!

We are sure this hidden gem of Montenegro will be one to remember! In the meantime,

you can read an article about the capital of Malta - Valletta. We also have other places for

you to visit, such as Split, Mykonos, and Gozo.

Do not forget to follow us @thewalkingparrot to be always updated on the new releases. Let us know what you liked the most in Kotor if you decide to visit this amazing town!

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