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What to visit in Bled?

Updated: May 30, 2022

Discover the beautiful town of Bled and its lake in Slovenia. Enter a Disney-like fairytale world with its breathtaking scenery, whether it is the lake and its small island, or the castle overlooking the lake! Leave with your head in the clouds and be hypnotized by this charming place!

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What not to miss?

Bled Lake

When going to Bled for your holiday, the most important thing to do is to go to Lake Bled! This town is very famous in Slovenia mainly for its lake!

Discover a unique landscape that will make you lose your mind! You can walk around the lake, but also swim in it! A big and beautiful lake like this offers of course a lot of other water activities like boat rides, paddle board...

Ojstrica and Mala Osojnica's viewpoints

Walking around the lake is nice and beautiful, but there's nothing better than getting some height! So we strongly advise you to take a short hike to the viewpoints of Ojstrica and Mala Osojnica, where you can contemplate the whole lake and its surroundings, for a breathtaking view.

Vintgar Gorge

We advise you to move away from Bled to the Vintgar Gorge. You will find them in the Triglav National Park, 4 km from Bled. Let yourself be impressed by this beautiful place, with its torrents, waterfalls...

What else to visit?


If you don't mind very touristy places, visit Bled Castle which overlooks the lake from its clifftop. This medieval castle will leave you spellbound, especially when you step back to see it from the view of the lake, or by admiring the lake from inside the castle!

Island on the lake

Still very touristy, you can go to the lake island, where you will find the neo-Gothic church of St. Mary from the XVᵉ century.

Bled Church on the coast

Visit also the church of St. Martin de Bled, not the one on the island as we just mentioned but the one in town, which is at the foot of the castle. You will be charmed by its beautifully decorated interior!

What to visit in Bled?

How to travel there?

To get to Bled you have several options:

First of all, you can get there by car, with its system of motorways and national/regional roads.

Be careful if you take the motorway because in Slovenia you need a windscreen sticker, which you can find in petrol stations.

You can also take the bus from other major cities in Slovenia to the station, which is a 3-minute walk from the lake.

You can also take the train to the stations of Lesce-Bled or Bled Jezero. The station in Lesce-Bled will allow you to come from big cities even from other countries, but you will have to take a bus afterward, while the station in Bled Jezero which is more local, is closer to the lake (you will still have to take a shuttle).

As for the plane, you can take it, but it will arrive at Ljubljana airport, so you will have to take one of the means of transport we have seen above.

What to visit in Bled?

When to travel there?

Bled is a place where it often rains, even in summer.

So, depending on which climate you prefer, you can either go from May to September which will be the warmest months, and then you can even swim in the lake!

Or if you like snow, we advise you to go in February, which is the month with the most snowfall, to give you a white fairy-tale landscape!

What to visit in Bled?

Average cost

As we said in our article on Ljubljana, Slovenia is a cheap European country compared to some of its neighbors to the west. You will find similar prices to those in the capital:

For a meal in a restaurant, you can easily get a meal for 12€ or less.

Accommodation can be found for around 60€ for a night for two people in a hotel.

Where to eat?

When visiting Bled you cannot fail to taste the kremšnita, which is the traditional Bled cake!

We recommend you to taste it at the Grand Hotel Toplice in Bled, where the cake is said to have been invented! Or you can taste it at Tito's pavilion, where once the leader of Yugoslavia, Tito, invited important people like kings and emperors to drink or smoke a cigar.

If you are interested in what is the local food, read our article about Slovenian food.


Bled Days (July)

Held at the end of July, enjoy the spectacle of all the lanterns lit on the lake, and the fairs and concerts that enliven the event.

The Bled International Music Festival (June - July)

If you love the violin, come to Bled at the end of June / beginning of July because all the best violinists from all over the world meet in Bled to show you, their virtuosity.

What to visit in Bled?

Biathlon World Cup in Pokljuka (March)

With its large and beautiful lake, the city of Bled has become a cradle of rowing, offering one of the best circuits in the world! This is how this tournament is organized and is the sporting pride of the region.

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