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What to eat and drink in Lorraine?

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

What to eat and drink in Lorraine?

In addition to its history, especially with Germany, having been part of the Germanic Empire several times, the most recent time was from 1871 (following the defeat of France to Prussia) to 1918 when France recovered the two lost regions of Alsace and Lorraine, winning the First World War against Germany. But in addition to this charged history, Lorraine is also charged with good food with dishes that delight more than one! Discover with us, dear parakeets, the dishes that are not to be missed during a stay in Lorraine!


Quiche Lorraine

The quiche Lorraine is one of the most typical dishes, so delicious that all French people love it! This kind of salted pie, with beaten eggs, fresh cream, lardons, and shortcrust pastry! You must eat it during a stay in Lorraine!

Le paté Lorrain

This specialty is simply a pastry wrapped in puff pastry but be careful not to confuse it with paté en croute, which is not the same thing, although they look the same! This typical dish of the region even has its own festival which takes place at the beginning of September, where you will find local merchants selling their products and even a contest for the biggest pâté eater! (If you have a big stomach, you know when to get your plane tickets!)


You will find delicious cheeses in Lorraine! One of the best-known cheeses is the Emmental grand cru, known throughout the world and used daily by the French, especially in grated form. You will also find Brie de Meaux, which is very popular! And there are many others!

What to eat and drink in Lorraine?


La glace Plombière

With a very uncertain origin and with many hypotheses, this ice cream appreciated in the region is ice cream with almond extract, flavored with kirsch and candied fruits.

What to eat and drink in Lorraine?

Madeleine de Commercy

You may have heard of the expression "a Proust's madeleine", which means something (object, smell...) that takes you back to childhood because of its symbolization for you. Thus, Marcel Proust in his book "Ala recherche du temps perdu", made this delicious little cake from Commercy in Lorraine even more famous! You will find many derivatives of the madeleine, with orange blossom, with chocolate chips...

Mirabelle plum tart

The Mirabelle plum is a typical fruit of the region! As one of the world's leading producers of Mirabelle plums, the region has a Mirabelle plum tart! A delicious dessert or snack that is super easy to make as the only ingredients needed are a pastry, butter, sugar, an egg, and of course lots of Mirabelle!

What to eat and drink in Lorraine?

Le Chardon Lorrain

The Lorraine thistle is a confection that represents the region well and is very popular! These little multicolored balls are made of chocolate filled with eau de vie, and each color represents a different eau de vie! Our advice is to eat them with a coffee after a meal.

(yellow: mirabelle plum brandy / green: chartreuse or pear liqueur / pink: raspberry brandy / white: marc de Lorraine or kirsch / orange: cognac / purple: plum brandy)

What to eat and drink in Lorraine?

La dragée de Verdun

Verdun is sadly known for its very deadly battle during the First World War, but this city does not only represent death, but also joyful events. The little sweets known all over France, represent something beautiful and joyful, being offered to guests at christenings and often at weddings too!

Le Paris-Metz

Invented in 2007 for a competition organized by the Chambre de Métiers et de l'Artisanat de la Moselle, it is a very famous and appreciated cake in the region! The aim was to offer a cake that would satisfy all tastes, so the cake is composed of two macaroons in three colors (and tastes) with a harlequin mousseline and raspberries between the two macaroons.


What to eat and drink in Lorraine?

Local beers

The region is the origin of several local beers, but the one we remember is of course the Mirabelle plum beer, called Lorrabelle (a mix between the region “Lorraine” and the fruit “Mirabelle”)! There is no beer more local than the one made from its star fruit! It is all the more local because to buy it, you have to go directly to the producer, as it is not available in supermarkets!


The region also produces very good wines of various types that delight their consumers! You will find pinots noirs, pinots gris, chardonnay and so on! You will find the Moselle vineyard (AOC Moselle), the Côtes de Toul vineyard (A.O.C Côtes de Toul), and finally the Côtes de Meuse vineyard (I.G.P Côtes de Meuse).

What to eat and drink in Lorraine?

And there you have it my little parakeets, now all you have to do is put on your chef's hat and invite your friends to enjoy a good meal à la Lorraine! Or even better, fly to the beautiful region and visit Metz and its beautiful cities around! Don't forget to check out our other articles on the specialties of different regions in France, such as food in Nord-Pas-De-Calais, or food in Île-de-France, and stay informed of the release of our next articles by subscribing to our Instagram account @thewalkingparrot.

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