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The best student parties in the UK

Updated: May 9, 2023

Are you studying or planning to study in the UK? Maybe you want to go for Erasmus there or you just simply planning a getaway and want to experience the best parties. Doesn’t matter which is your reason! If you are looking for amazing places to hang out and spend a great night out in the UK here is our article to help you. We created a list of the best cities with the best parties for students in the UK. We focused on a number of bars and clubs, affordable prices, and the vibe that all students love. If you want to create unforgettable memories keep reading and learn about the best student parties in the UK!

Discover with us:

🍻 Bristol

⭐️ Derby

🥳 Liverpool

🤩 Newcastle

🍾 Sheffield

🔥 London


The best student parties in the UK


A perfect city for a student night out. Affordable, full of options, and safe. Over 160 bars to choose from, amazing clubs, and a great vibe. One big beer will cost you around £3 and entrance to clubs just a little bit more. If you like staying out till morning in Huddersfield you can do it with no worries. The place is considered to be safe and what is also important for students is - cab fare to come back home is not expensive. The bars and clubs we can recommend are: The Warehouse, Five Bar, Rock Café, and Mavericks.


The best student parties in the UK

A little bit more pricy compared to Huddersfield but it has so much more to offer! Known for its alternative vibe Bristol is a home for some amazing parties. Everyone can find something for themselves. From cozy bars with live gigs to huge, a levels clubs with famous DJs. One of the most famous student clubs in Bristol is Bed Mondays Club. With an entrance that costs only £6, you can choose from two floors with different music. Also if you like a house, hip hop or trap music Gravity Club is a place to go!


The best student parties in the UK

Derby is defenitely an affordable destination for fun students. There you can get beers for around £3 and cocktails for more or less £5. This city never sleeps and every night you can find some great parties. Choose from around 100 nightlife bars and clubs and have fun - which is not difficult as Derby has a very student-friendly vibe! If you want to feel like a local go get pre-drinks in the Sandler Gate area and later head to the clubs in the city center.


If you fancy trying every night different nightlife locations in Manchester you will have endless party choices. The city is full of great pubs and clubs. For sure everyone will find something to enjoy. Some of we can recommend you are Fifth Nightclub where you can have fun during a foam party; Bijou Club known as Manchester’s student hang-out place; Ark Manchester with cheap and good quality drinks or 42nd Street which is a place to go for every indie music lover with really great beats!


Liverpool a home for musical geniuses like the Beatles nowadays offers a lot of great parties. On Friday night just simply walking the streets will make you feel the vibe. The best areas to hang out as a student (and not only!) are: The Baltic Triangle, Concert Square, Ropewalks, and Matthew Street. This city defenitely has a fun soul! In Liverpool, you can find a lot of pubs with live music, big clubs, cool warehouses, and old-fashioned bars. The city has so much to offer for fans of diverse music genres and partying styles. The best parties for students in Liverpool are in these clubs: Hangar 34, Electrik Warehouse, and Invisible Wind Factory. Pure fun!

The best student parties in the UK


Newcastle is a place famous for its parties. It’s a great place for students who love nightlife. It’s not the cheapest place but defenitely, not the most expensive and for sure the parties are worth spending a little bit of money on. Full of bars and diverse clubs with house, electric, techno, and commercial music. In Newcastle, every day of the week can be a party night for students. Although the best parties are thrown during the weekend. For Friday or Saturday night go first to TupTup Palace which is a cheap student’s place or Florita’s Miama Bar where the great music party starts for free. Then head to the clubs like Think Tank and Power House - these are the most famous and liked among the students.


Sheffield is not the most famous city to go to study in but it has one great advantage. Great parties and vibrant nightlife with good prices. There is always a great party to go to, even during the week. One of the most famous among students is CODE. If you fancy a crazy night party with your friends this is a place to go. Another amazing club is Corporation - as known as Corp - famous for its alternative, indie sounds. If you are a fan of ’90s music your should party in Soyo - a cocktail bar that transfers into the nightclub.

The best student parties in the UK


Last but not least! London offers thousands of nightlife options. For sure not the cheapest one but with such a wide range of choices for sure you will find something affordable for you to go. London is a famous university city so it means it has also a lot of amazing bars and clubs! If you like a fancy party you can enjoy the night at Fabric, Egg, or XOYO - these locations have a lot of rooms with different DJs. If you like the RnB vibe head to Your Mum’s House for great fun with a lot of students. Piccadilly Institute is a big club with six rooms with various music and vibes - for everybody and every mood! If you look for a cheerful party go to Tiger Tiger - affordable for students, and always offers an unforgettable night.

The best student parties in the UK

The UK loves the nightlife and if you plan to study or travel there you should definitely give it a try. We hope you got excited about the best student parties in highlighted university cities. If you look for more events and places to have fun around Europe check out these articles - Entertainment parks in France, Best music festivals in Portugal. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @thewalkingparrot to never miss out on the best tips and tricks for parties and your travels! Have fun!

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