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Entertainment parks in France

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Do you still have a childlike spirit? Good, this article is made for you because you will discover a lot of amusement parks in France! So, take your agenda and your blue card and start booking your visit to the parks near your home, or near the cities, you will soon visit!

Return to the world of your childhood at Disneyland Paris, attend aquatics shows, and become the next Thomas Pesquet (French astronaut) while having fun in the Space City!

The most famous ones

Disneyland Paris

Come to the universe of Walt Disney to see your favorite characters from your childhood, meet Mickey Mouse, all the princesses, and lots of other characters!

Going to Disneyland Paris, you won’t only meet your favorite characters walking in the park or by assisting to their parade, but you also have lots of attractions for all the tastes! If you like strong sensations and adrenaline, go to the Walt Disney Studio Park which is more oriented in these types of attractions, and if you prefer calmer attractions or kids' attractions it will be more in the Disneyland Paris Park (the two parks are in the same place, but when you buy your tickets, you have to choose to have access to only one of them (of your choice) or both of them).

You will find lots of places to eat in the park, it can be taken away, or fast food, as real restaurants with service at the table, all in a Disney Universe. Same for the hotels, you have partners hotels, as Disney hotels that they are in a theme, like the New York - Art of Marvel**** hotel taking you to a New York and Marvel universe, or Santa Fe ** hotel going in the universe of Cars.

Tips: if you like strong attractions try The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror!

Parc Astérix

Immerse yourself in the village of irreducible Gauls, meeting the famous characters of Astérix & Obélix created by René Goscinny (scriptwriter) and Albert Uderzo (drawer). These characters are famous all-around France; thus, they created an amusement park in their honor.

In the amusement park, you will have access to shows, to attractions for everybody, with strong sensation with Oz Iris or Tonnerre de Zeus (beware of sensitive souls, you can see Zeus' panties when you pass under him in the queue). You also have attractions to do in family, like Les Chaudrons, or Menhir Express, and you have attractions, especially for kids like Le Mini Carrousel.

You will find restaurants like Fritapopoulos for fast food or Le restaurant du Lac for a service at the table. And you will also find hotels like Les Quais de Lutèce **** constructed as a Gauls village.

Entertainment parks in France


Welcome to the future! Located just outside of Poitiers, this park is perfect for families to visit! Mixing technology and attractions, then adding images, the Futuroscope gives you an unforgettable sensory experience!

You will find lots of different attractions that will please everybody! For example, there is a cinema 4D, but also a centrifuge with images inside to transport you inside a tornado.

You will also find activities without videos for kids like a boat ride where you can spray the other boats with water.

The park has lots of partnerships with hotels around to help you to find accommodation for your trip. They also have their own accommodations like the Hotel Station Cosmos Futuroscope, to be fully in the theme of the park during your trip.

You will also find many themed restaurants to satisfy your appetite, whether it is French food or food from around the world such as the Comptoirs du Monde restaurant.

Tips: The attraction Danse des robots (Robot’s dance) are really nice! Plus, there are three levels of intensity that you can choose to adapt to your tastes.

Puy du Fou

Puy du Fou compared to a “classical” amusement park, isn’t with rollercoasters and stuff like that, this is a park with lots of shows around the French History. It has been elected several times as the best amusement park in the world. Its success will allow it to open a new Puy du Fou in Spain about Spanish History in 2021, and one in China which should open in 2025.

Walking in the park you will see shows with birds of prey such as owls, or a gladiator show in an arena, or again a show where a rider and his horse start to be on the water.

And during the night you have a huge show that surpasses all the others you have seen during the day!

The park is composed of different villages which will make you travel between different centuries. Enter the medieval town with its cob walls and craftsmen, or visit the 18th-century village, the fort of the year 1000, and Le Bourg in 1900.

The park has special accommodations for you to emerge in French History. Go back to the time of the Merovingians (Vᵉ - middle VIIIᵉ centuries) with houses with thatched huts sheltering you during your night in the hotel "Les îles Clovis". There are many different types of restaurants to choose from, from fast food takeaways to restaurants with live entertainment to keep you entertained during your meal like at the restaurant “Le café de la Madelon.

Adventure of attractions

Park Saint Paul

This theme Park is all about having fun with a lot of fantastic attractions! Nestled in the middle of nature, visitors can enjoy rollercoasters, carousels, Mini Quads, Noah's Ark, Escala-gliss, Foldingue House, Yoyo Tower, and lots more. Also, artistic performances show with different themes for children and adults. Dino Splash is the most recommended climbing aboard giant trunks into the heart of prehistory with dinosaurs. Why not visit this park on a sunny day?


Created by generations of entertainment people, it is considered the 3rd best theme park in Europe in the category of fewer than 1million visitors (voted at the European Star Award). Consisting of several themed villages, it offers exciting rides suitable for any guest: water coaster for a super-high-speed plunge into giant waterfalls, the rollercoaster Alpina Blitz, the Donjon de l’Extreme rotating tower, and so on. The Zabeilles is the favorite carousel for children allowing him to control a giant bee to discover the park from above.

Le Pal

An animal theme park presents a mix between attractions and zoos, the perfect place to enjoy nature and entertainment. being a visitor in this park will make you feel you are in many parts of the world, discovering many unusual animals from five different continents in their reconstructed natural habitat. Moreover, unforgettable animal shows such as that of sea lions or the one of parrot will enrich your experience. Also, aquatic attractions such as the alligator Baie which allow you to engage in a crazy and funny naval battle: aboard boats equipped with water cannons! The surprises don't end there, because the park allows you to stay in a private lodge surrounded by the animals of the African savannah. And if you like the idea of immersing yourself in Africa as much as possible, you must try the African restaurant.

Walibi Rhône-Alpes

This incredible park presents three main themed areas: one linked to the history of the conquest of the West and North America, one based on the festive universe, and the last one that immerses itself in an uncontaminated and paradisiacal universe. Water rides, roller coasters, adrenalin-pumping games, and much more... Very entertaining is also the Wet Side Story, a show of extreme divers challenging each other through multiple choreographies and acrobatics.

Oceanographic parks


Going to visit Britanny in France? You have a lot to see, Saint-Malo, Brest… You also have to visit Oceanopolis at Brest! Discovering the sea and sea creatures, learning by observing the natural history of the oceans. Like a window on the sea world, more than 1000 different species allow you to collect information about marine sciences. Exhibitions and laboratory programs dipping into polar, tropical, and temperate ecosystems. During the visit, you can dispose of an application called myOcéanopolis that gives you access to detailed scientific information and the best solutions for your tour route.


Who doesn't love watching dolphin or orca shows? This water park and dolphinarium is one of the largest marine zoos in Europe. magical shows and entertainment with dolphins, whales, sea lions. Surely, you'll be amazed.

Entertainment parks in France

Educational parks


Set into the atmosphere of the volcanoes of Auvergne with an interactive audio guide, everyone will learn about the characteristics of volcanoes and planet earth. Immersed in three different thematic areas based on natural phenomena and space. Younger explorers can discover the world through a variety of activities surrounded by green spaces and plenty of entertainment.

Terra Botanica

With its atmospheric gardens and its flora, you can discover the secrets and history of plants through playful explorations and the discovery of different types of vegetation. Besides being informative and educational, this park has a fabulous playground and a variety of activities such as the island of goblins with its suspended towers or dynamic 4D projections, even hot air balloon rides and boat trips (OdysséeBotanique). Moreover, shows centered around plants can't miss completing your visit!

Entertainment parks in France

Cité de l’Espace

In the name of science, this site is dedicated to space, space conquest, and astronomy. In a way, these matters can be discovered through fun. Characterized by a cinema, replicas of various space shuttles discovering the wonders of the Universe. Immerse yourself as an astrologer or cosmonaut living exciting adventures. In particular, the park has set up a huge planetarium with a large screen showing sequences filmed in space. Moreover, exhibitions, artifacts from space expeditions, the ERS earth observation satellite, the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, and interactive rocket launch simulations will get you completely involved. Put on your spacesuit and let's go!

For kids and family

Dennlys Parc

Visiting Lille with your family? Take a day to go with your children to Dennlys Parc also in the region of Nord-Pas-De-Calais (1h30 from Lille by car). The Parc opens beginning in April and closes beginning of November.

Come aboard the Crapouilles with your children, or aboard the Denno Bumpers armed with his best water gun to soak his opponents! In this park more oriented for kids, you will find lots of attractions for your little love, but also some stronger if you get bored of soft attractions.

There are several places to eat and snack. At Denno's Tavern, you will find dishes for your lunch, while at La Fringale you will find delicacies such as waffles, ice cream...

You can even celebrate your child's birthday with their friends at the park (if they are under 12) and get a special offer for a great day out for all of them!

Parc du Petit Prince

Inspired by the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, this park will take you back to the world of the Little Prince! Like Dennlys Parc, it opens from 9 April to 7 November. This park is the first aerial park in the world!

Take a hot air balloon ride at 150m for a great view of the park and its surroundings, or go and see the fox feeding, or go and watch the shows!

Go for a good burger at the Food Plane restaurant, eat Alsatian food at La Taverne restaurant, or go for a drink at the Aérobar Kiosk (a mix of a food outlet and a merry-go-round, as you will be drinking in the air).

You will also find a special price to organize the birthday of your kid (less than 11 years old) with his friends, for him to spend a wonderful birthday!

La Mer de Sable

Open from 9 April to 6 November, enter the world of the Wild West with your children!

Ride the Cycl'o Vent through the Mississippi River, enter the New Mexico Desert on the Tornado ride to feel like you're in a real tornado, or ride through the Colorado Canyon on a real pony! You can also enjoy shows including horseback acrobatics.

Go to the Saloon for a good cowboy burger! Or if you don't have time to waste, go for fast food like at the Poca'Petito sandwich shop!

France miniature

Are you visiting Paris or Versailles between 9 April and early November? Go to France Miniature! This park recreates the whole of France with 117 monuments from all over France and 2000 miniature pieces in all!

Best way to see the whole of France in one day!

Go to the bay of Saint Tropez, discover the magnificent Hospice de Beaune, or go to a small Savoyard village!

Once you know France like the back of your hand, you can even play some fun games!

You can choose between the restaurant Les Provinces, or the snack bar La Gourmandine et son Snack.

By now you know most of the amusement parks in France! So, if you pass by one of these parks, don't hesitate to stop by! And to discover more articles, follow us on Instagram @thewalkingparrot.

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