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Where to eat in Dublin

Updated: Mar 22

Dublin, Ireland's bustling capital, is not only a city rich in history and culture, but also a culinary paradise for food enthusiasts. Irish cuisine is a delightful combination of centuries-old customs and enduring bonds with both land and sea. The base of its food is characterised by the use of simple yet adaptable ingredients, including potatoes, beef, lamb, and seafood. Irish dishes can be incredibly comforting, with classics like Celtic stew and colcannon or more traditional options like soda bread and smoked salmon. With its unique blend of traditional dishes and contemporary dining experiences, Dublin offers a delicious range of foods, and not forgetting the drink, that reflect the heart and soul of Irish food. The international side of the city brings a fusion of local, traditional and international flavours together to create some comforting meals that a rare to find anywhere else in the world. Let's take a tour of Dublin restaurants that are a must try for any visitor to this fascinating city.

Discover with us:


Fade Street Social

This restaurant has been one of the Dubliners' favourites for years. Here, you can find all the typical dishes of Irish food. The restaurant is divided into two floors: Upstairs, you can find simpler dishes for a quick or light dinner, including gourmet tapas and excellent beers. Downstairs, you will find a menu featuring modernized Irish dishes as well as a selection of wines from all over the world. The restaurant is open all week for both lunch and dinner.

Clam meat
Clam meat


Boxty is located in the heart of Temple Bar and is the ideal place to enjoy real Irish cuisine.

You can do tastings of craft beers and on the menu you will find classic Irish dishes including Guinness stew, one of the best dishes in the restaurant. If you want to spend less, come here for lunch or dinner before 6.30 pm when you can try the early bird menu, which is two dishes at a fixed price.

typical food
Irish stew

Beshoff Bros

Beshoff Bros is a seafood restaurant chain with 4 locations throughout Dublin: 5 Vernon Ave clontarf ,12 Harbour Road Howth, 75 Mespil Road, 4 New Street Mall Malahide. Recommended for fish and chips: Beshoff uses fresh fish from the Atlantic Ocean caught according to sustainable and traceable standards and criteria. You may have associated the UK with Fish & Chips, but Ireland's offering is just as delicious. The fish fillets are huge and the quality is excellent. Furthermore, you can also find fish cakes, boxes with mixed fried fish, fish burgers, shellfish and shellfish soups, including seafood chowder.

typical food
Fish and chips

Soup Dragon

Do you love soups? Then this super central place is for you, it is located near the river and is only open for lunch. Here you can find a wide variety of soups accompanied by bread, butter and a fruit. They are cheap, healthy and delicious, you can order them to take away or eat on a stool.

typical food

Queen of Tarts

If cakes are your passion, you can't miss Queen of Tarts, a very famous café and pastry shop in Dublin. It is located in a great location, close to the Castle and it is open every day untile 6 pm. Here you can find a wide variety of delicious desserts: a slice of cake accompanied by spiced tea is the best medicine against the Irish wind. Recommending the chocolate, pear and almond cake.

typical food
Chocolate pear and almond cake.

The Old Store House

What's more Irish than a pub? Live music, frothy beers and rugby matches. In this pub you can find typical dishes of Irish cuisine accompanied by delicious beers and entertainment. A stop not to be missed when visiting Dublin. Open every day.

typical drink
Typical Irish beer

The Brazen Head

The oldest pub in Dublin: tradition has it that there was a tavern on the same site as early as 1198. The pub has managed to retain the charm and characteristics of its past and, in particular, of its most famous patrons, who have included writers of the caliber of James Joyce, Brendan Behan and Jonathan Swift. Today we still find well-known people frequenting the place, including some very famous musicians. Every evening you can listen to good live music. The cuisine includes great classics such as beef stew and Irish steamed mussels, obviously all accompanied by the inevitable pints of Guinness.

Dublin pub
Typical Dublin pub

O'Neils Pub & Kitchen

If you are after a budget friendly option, then the popular O'Neils Pub & Kitchen serves up traditional pub grub at a pocket friendly price. The pub is located on Suffolk Street and is known for its welcoming atmosphere, which is ideal for a family, group of friends or a couple to enjoy. The menu showcases the finest elements of Irish cuisine, including shepherd's pie, beef and Guinness casserole, and Dublin Bay prawn cocktail. All served up with a fine collection of Irish ales, beers and ciders to wash it all down. The venue also doubles up as a entertainment venue with local bands, musicians and acoustic performances bringing a uplifting vibe to the evenings. The great part of this is that there is some form of live music every single night, so you can be sure to have a great night with some Irish character and cheer whichever day you are visiting.

We have reached the end of the blog about where to eat in Dublin. This city is wonderful for its history, its culture and its food, we are sure you will love it!

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