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What to eat in Poland?

Updated: May 5, 2023

If you had to describe Polish cuisine in one word, "hearty" would be the best fitting choice.

Poland has stunningly delicious, healthy dishes in generous portions.

Some of the country's beloved recipes go back centuries, and although many recipes have evolved significantly over the years, they all retain the old Polish culinary values.

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What to eat in Poland?

Salty food


Zurek is the perfect Polish comfort food. At first glance, it might seem like just an ordinary fermented rye soup, but the Polish consider Zurek a national treasure.

While there are many regional variations of the dish, the most recognized version consists of sour rye flour with potatoes, plenty of vegetables, and lots of meat. The centuries-old soup is also usually served with a hard-boiled egg.


Flaki is the Polish version of a popular beef tripe soup. Although it's not exclusive to Poland. Similar recipes can be found in neighboring Ukraine, Belarus, and Germany. The soup has been popular since the 14th century and was said to be the favorite dish of Poland's King Jogaila.

Not only does Flaki offer some insight into the rustic roots of Polish cuisine, but it also proves the edible lining from a cow's stomach can form part of an enjoyable meal if cooked correctly.

Sweet food


A traditional sweet dish from Poland is Racuchy. It looks like pancakes. Racuchy is often associated with Christmas, as a savory version of the treatment forms an integral part of the festive Polish dinner.

Unlike many of the other dishes listed, Racuchy isn't easy to find in restaurants, but many local families prepare them at home.


This extremely delicious pastry takes pride in place at almost every table in Poland during the Easter and Christmas periods.

The unpretentious treat, firmly associated with holidays, contains just the right amount of sweetness and has a distinct poppy seed flavor.

You can find Makowiec in a variety of forms in bakeries, coffee shops, and cafes all around the country.



Goldwasser is a popular Polish liqueur with strong historical ties to the Polish city of Gdańsk, on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

The brainchild of Dutch native Ambrose Vermollen, who first made the liqueur in 1598 from some 20 different herbs, Goldwasser is one of the oldest liqueurs in the world, still commercially manufactured and sold.

Produced in Germany due to political unrest and the first World War, Goldwasser’s key characteristic is its golden flakes, made from real gold, which can be seen floating around in the liqueur.

We hope the article about the food from Poland made you consider visiting this beautiful country and trying out its cuisine! Follow us on Instagram @thewalkingparrot to be alerted when new articles are published!

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