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What to eat in Monaco?

Monégasque cuisine is one of a kind, it has its own culinary history, but also has been influenced both by France and Italy. If you love fish and seafood visiting Monaco is the perfect option for you, as they have a lot of fresh & delicious dishes. Dining out in Monaco is a wonderful experience itself as they have many incredible high-quality restaurants.

Come with us and see what this breathtakingly beautiful place has to offer!

Discover with us:

🍻 Drinks


What to eat in Monaco?

Salty Food


Fresh fish soup that is made out of different kinds of fish filets and seafood. The first thing you will notice about Bouillabaisse is its bright orange color. This is achieved by using the most pigmented spice - saffron. Historically ingredients in this dish depended on what the fishermen could catch on that day, so there is no right or wrong way of making this food.

What to eat in Monaco?


Very chewy and salty bread, that is packed with intense flavor. Rosemary, thyme, sage, and oregano are herbs that are used to make this bread a special delicacy. Its shape is oval, but cuts in the bread make Fougasse look like a leaf or wheat. This bread is a great appetizer, and thanks to its simplicity you can pair it with almost any food.


This local seafood stew is a must-try in Monaco! The main ingredients are codfish, tomatoes, and olives. Stocafi is fresh and delicious due to its simplicity, which brings out the flavors of this traditional dish even more.


Porchetta is a slow-cooked and perfectly juicy meat dish. It’s made out of pork belly and filled with different types of herbs. Combining all ingredients it’s made into a roll, so when cutting it you will get perfect round slices. You can pair it with potatoes or other carbs of your liking.

What to eat in Monaco?


Very popular appetizer which you can find everywhere in Monaco and in the eastern part of the French Riviera. It’s filled with leek, onions, ricotta and swiss cheese. People, it to celebrate The National Day of Monaco which is also known as The Sovereign Prince's Day.

Sweet Food

Galapian d'Apt

This dessert was created by famous pastry chef Alain Bouchard in 1994. This cake is made out of almonds, eggs, sugar, and candied fruit. Galapian d'Apt is a cake that’s really rare, so while being in Monaco you have to try this deliciousness.


Monaco millefeuille is different from the regular one because it consists of fresh strawberries and cream. This was Prince Albert's favorite dessert, due to that fact, it’s also known as ‘’Prince Albert''!

What to eat in Monaco?
What to eat in Monaco?


L'Orangerie Monte-Carlo

Monegasque liqueur is made out of bitter oranges. You will recognize this liquor by its orange-yellow color. You can enjoy this drink by itself or have a fresh cocktail that contains L'Orangerie Monte-Carlo.

Monaco Beer

While visiting Monaco you have to try their amazing craft beer. Monaco Beer has been voted the best beer in France! Brasserie de Monaco has blond, amber, white, and seasonal beers that are produced from organic malts. We recommend you to try Blonde de Monaco.

What to eat in Monaco?

We hope the article about Monégasque food made you consider visiting the beautiful country of Monaco. We suggest you read other food guides that we created - Albanian food guide, Montenegro food guide, and many more! Follow us on Instagram @thewalkingparrot to be alerted when new articles are published!

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