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What to eat in Lithuania?

Updated: May 8, 2023

Lithuania is the southernmost of the three Baltic States and, like Estonia and Latvia, is located on the Baltic Sea. Lithuania is 90 percent forest and has been called the "hidden secret of Europe. Lithuania has many restaurants to offer that serve dishes of genuine Lithuanian cuisine. Some typical Lithuanian dishes will be described below.

Discover with us:


Salty food

Fried bread with cheese

Fried bread is the national snack of Lithuania! It is a savory fried rye bread cut into triangles. It is dipped in butter and garlic and splashed with cheese before being served.


Kugelis is a real national potato dish from Lithuania. The potato dish is in the form of a potato cake. The recipe has been preserved for centuries without significant changes. It consists of potatoes, bacon, milk, onions, and eggs. It is seasoned with salt and pepper and seasoned with bay leaves and/or marjoram. After this, it goes into the oven! A real deliciousness.


The recipe for Lithuanian stuffed cabbage stands as Balandeliai or "little doves. The recipe varies from country to country, region to region, and family to family. It is eaten throughout Eastern Europe. The recipe mainly used in Lithuania is with ground meat, rice, and chopped vegetables. Balandeliai is served with a tomato-sour cream sauce.

Sweet food


Tinginys is a truly typical Lithuanian dessert. It is incredibly simple to make, hence the name meaning "lazy boy." It consists of a mixture of crumbled cookies, cocoa, condensed milk, butter, and sugar. This mixture is formed into the desired shape and must solidify hereafter. It is also still possible to add some extras of your own to the mixture such as nuts, for example.

Žemaitiškas Kastinys

It is a traditional sour cream product produced throughout Lithuania. To get it, sour cream and butter are heated and stirred with circular hand movements. Finally, it must cool until the product takes on a thick texture. It has a mild, sour, and slightly salty taste.



Beer is a common drink in Lithuania. Lithuanian beer culture has many styles and traditions that have all but disappeared in other parts of Europe. There are many small home breweries where beer is still made the traditional way. There are also large breweries operating in Lithuania.


Krupnikas is a honey liqueur from Lithuania. Krupnikas is a kind of milk of the puppy for Lithuanians when winter comes. It consists of cloves, cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, fennel seeds, ginger root, fresh turmeric, zest of an orange, zest of a lime, vanilla pod, honey, water, and alcohol.

We hope the article about the food from Lithuania made you consider visiting this beautiful country and trying out its cuisine! Follow us on Instagram @thewalkingparrot to be alerted when new articles are published!

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