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Festivals in Portugal During the Summer

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Portugal is a country with a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant festival scene. Throughout the year, a variety of festivals are held all throughout the nation to honor music, art, traditions, gastronomy, and other things. The lively spirit, wide range of cultural manifestations, and kind hospitality of the Portuguese people may all be experienced at these festivals. Portugal's festivals offer a window into the nation's history, creativity, and sense of community. They range from music festivals that draw well-known worldwide musicians to traditional celebrations that are firmly ingrained in local customs.

Portugal's festivals provide a remarkable and engaging experience for both locals and visitors, whether it's dancing to traditional folk music, enjoying delectable regional cuisine, or immersing oneself in a music festival. Now let's discover the best festivals in Portugal during the summer!

Discover with us :

🦜 Festivals in Portugal during the summer

👉 NOS Primavera Sound

👉 Rock in Rio Lisboa

👉 Meo Sudoeste

👉 MEO Marés Vivas

👉 Festival do Crato


Festivals in Portugal During the Summer

1. NOS Primavera Sound- Porto:

NOS Primavera Sound is an acclaimed music festival held annually in Porto.The festival, which spans several days and often occurs in late spring or early summer, draws a sizable crowd of music lovers from all over the world. It is renowned for its energetic ambiance, excellent performances, and picturesque setting. Parque da Cidade, a lovely urban park that provides a magnificent backdrop for the event, is where the festival is held.One of the most anticipated and renowned music events in Portugal, NOS Primavera Sound attracts music fans from all around to experience its distinctive fusion of sounds and ambiance. This is due to its outstanding lineup and vibrant atmosphere.

2. Rock in Rio Lisboa- Lisbon:

Rock in Rio Lisboa is a major music festival that takes place in Lisbon. It belongs to the famed Rock in Rio series, which had its start in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Some of the biggest names in music come together for Rock in Rio Lisboa, which offers a wide variety of genres and draws a sizable audience.The festival's lineup frequently combines international superstars, top-charting acts, up-and-coming performers, and well-liked local musicians. Famous musicians such Queen + Adam Lambert, Muse, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake, Foo Fighters, and many more have performed at previous Rock in Rio Lisboa events. The event venue is thoughtfully planned to comfortably hold large crowds and give visitors a special experience.One of Portugal's most renowned and much anticipated music festivals is Rock in Rio Lisboa. For music enthusiasts wishing to take in world-class live performances in a dynamic setting, it is a must-visit due to its combination of elite performers, an upbeat atmosphere, and an immersive festival setting.

Festivals in Portugal During the Summer

3. Meo Sudoeste- Zambujeira do Mar:

Meo Sudoeste is one of the largest and most popular music festivals in Portugal. It takes place in Zambujeira do Mar, a coastal town in Portugal's Alentejo province, every year in the summer. The event draws a young, active population and offers a wide range of musical genres and a lively atmosphere. Famous musicians and well-known performers, including Post Malone, Marshmello, Bad Bunny, Snoop Dogg, J Balvin, Martin Garrix, and many others, have performed on the stages of Meo Sudoeste.

Because Zambujeira do Mar is near the coast, festivalgoers may take advantage of the breathtaking beach views and cooling ocean wind while enjoying Meo Sudoeste. Meo Sudoeste has established itself as a highlight of Portugal's summer festival season, drawing music fans from across the globe. It is a must-attend event for everyone looking for a vibrant music festival in Portugal because of its upbeat atmosphere, varied music lineup, and beachfront setting, which give attendees an amazing experience.

4. Meo Marés Vivas-Vila Nova de Gaia:

MEO Marés Vivas is a popular music festival held annually in Vila Nova de Gaia. The festival, which is held on the gorgeous Douro River beaches, draws a sizable crowd and has a stellar roster. The event is well recognized for its picturesque outdoor setting, which gives the acts a lovely backdrop.Internationally known performers have appeared at MEO Marés Vivas. Acts including Sting, John Legend, Lenny Kravitz, Maroon 5, James Morrison, David Guetta, Scorpions, and many others have performed at the festival's earlier iterations.The MEO Marés Vivas festival in Portugal has grown to be a much-anticipated occasion that draws both local and foreign attendees. Its eclectic music lineup, picturesque setting, and energetic atmosphere combine to make it a remarkable summer event for music fans.

Festivals in Portugal During the Summer

5. Festival do Crato- Crato:

Festival do Crato is a renowned music festival that takes place annually in the town of Crato, located in the district of Portalegre. It has been around since 1984 and is one of the most cherished festivals in the nation. Along with the music, festival guests can take pleasure in the lively atmosphere, mingling with other participants, and learning about the local culture.The festival's charm is enhanced by Crato, the charming town where it is hosted. Visitors can use the chance to tour the town and its surrounds, including attractions like the Crato Castle, which is known for its historical legacy.Portugal's Festival do Crato has made a name for itself as a major cultural occasion that draws both locals and tourists from other countries. For festival-goers looking for top-notch live music in an unusual location, its diversified music lineup, along with the alluring atmosphere and cultural backdrop, make it an unforgettable experience.

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