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BEST hidden bars in Lisbon

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Hidden bars, also known as speakeasy bars, are becoming increasingly popular in Lisbon.These bars are typically located in discreet or hard-to-find locations, and they often have unmarked or inconspicuous entrances.The main reason for their popularity is the thrill of discovering a hidden gem, as well as the unique and intimate atmosphere they offer.

Many of these bars have a speakeasy or prohibition-style theme, with vintage decor, dim lighting, and classic cocktails.

Discover with us:

🦜 Foxtrot


BEST hidden bars in Lisbon

Red Frog Speakeasy Bar

The Red Frog Speakeasy Bar is situated in Lisbon's popular Bairro Alto district. The entrance is located behind a hot dog stand, and you need to press a buzzer to gain entry. Stepping inside, you'll discover a pleasant, dimly lit area with a prohibition-era theme. The Red Frog Gang, a legendary Chicago-based crime organization during Prohibition, inspired the bar's name. Vintage pictures, old bottles, and other artifacts cover the walls in the decor, which follows this motif. Suspenders, bow ties, and fedoras are among the professional attire worn by bartenders.

The cocktail menu at Red Frog is wide and includes both classic and modern concoctions, all made with high-quality ingredients. The bar is known for its creative twists on classic cocktails, such as the Red Frog Margarita, which is made with tequila, lime juice, and agave nectar, but also includes a secret ingredient that gives it a unique twist. Red Frog is a cozy environment where guests are encouraged to talk and enjoy themselves. The experienced and skilled bartenders are happy to talk with customers about their cocktails or provide suggestions based on their preferences.


Foxtrot is a hidden speakeasy-style bar located in the Cais do Sodré neighborhood of Lisbon. The entrance is unmarked, and you need to ring a buzzer to be let in. Jazz and swing music are playing in the background as the pub has a 1920s and 1930s atmosphere. Vintage wallpaper, antique furniture, and a retro phone booth are all part of the design. The bartenders are also dressed in period-appropriate attire, adding to the immersive experience.

The large cocktail menu at Foxtrot places a strong emphasis on traditional drinks crafted with premium ingredients. The trained and talented bartenders are happy to make specialty cocktails based on your preferences. Together with drinks, Foxtrot also has a small selection of bar snacks.Overall, Foxtrot is a great spot to enjoy expertly crafted cocktails in a unique and immersive setting. Whether you're a fan of classic cocktails or want to try something new, you're sure to find something to love at Foxtrot.

The Old Pharmacy

The Old Pharmacy is a hidden speakeasy bar located in the heart of Lisbon's historic Alfama neighborhood. The bar is located in a former pharmacy, and the design includes historic pharmacy equipment, old medicine cabinets, and antique prescription bottles. The immersive sensation is further enhanced by the bartenders' white lab jackets. The Old Pharmacy has a large cocktail menu with an emphasis on traditional drinks crafted with premium ingredients. The trained and talented bartenders are happy to make specialty cocktails based on your preferences. The bar can get busy, especially on weekends, so it's a good idea to arrive early or make a reservation!

The Park Bar

In Lisbon's Bairro Alto district, on top of a parking garage, is a rooftop bar called The Park Bar. You must take the elevator to the top floor in order to access the bar, which is accessed from the garage. When you arrive, you'll discover a chic, relaxed atmosphere and a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. The atmosphere at the Park Bar is relaxed and casual, with a focus on enjoying the view and the company of friends or fellow patrons. The bar has both indoor and outdoor seating, with plenty of space to relax and soak up the sun. There is also a small pool on the rooftop, adding to the overall ambiance. It's a good idea to get there early or make a reservation at The Park Bar because it may get packed, especially on the weekends. The bar is open all year round. However, summertime is when customers can enjoy the rooftop setting and pleasant weather.

These hidden bars are not always simple to locate, so you will often need to do some preliminary research. Some are hidden in surprising locations, like under a hot dog stand or on top of a parking garage, while some have unmarked doors or demand a password to enter. If you locate these secret places, you can look forward to a wide variety of cocktails that are frequently produced with premium ingredients and skilfully crafted by knowledgeable bartenders.

We've reached the end of the article Best hidden bars in Lisbon. These places have a fantastic atmosphere, and we believe you will love them as much as we did! In the meantime, you can read other articles on our website. Remember to follow us@thewalkingparrot to be continuously updated on the new releases. We will be back soon with a new article!

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