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Best cities to celebrate Easter

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Easter is a widely celebrated holiday around the world. There are many options available, whether you're seeking for traditional religious ceremonies, or fun family-friendly events, there are plenty of options to choose from. In this blog article, we'll explore some of the best cities to celebrate Easter and what makes them special.

Discover with us:

🗺 Venice

🗺 Prague

🗺 Seville

🗺 Athens

🗺 Vienna

🗺 Brussels

🗺 London

🗺 Budapest

🗺 Krakow


Best cities to celebrate Easter


Venice is a city well-known for its canals, gorgeous architecture, and extensive cultural history. During Easter, the city comes alive with colourful decorations and processions. You could try some of the traditional Italian Easter foods, such as Colomba, a cake in shape of a dove made with candied fruits and almonds. Visitors can also see the extraordinary Scoppio del Carro, or "Explosion of the Cart," where a cart filled with fireworks is lit up in front of the Duomo.


Prague is a city with a charming old-world feel that is ideal for Easter celebrations. Easter markets provide traditional Czech foods and crafts, like the well-known Czech Easter bread called mazanec. The city's historic churches and cathedrals, including the famous St. Vitus Cathedral, offer special Easter masses and services. Take part of the celebration in traditional Czech Easter customs, such as whipping women with willow branches, which is said to bring health and beauty.


The spectacular Holy Week celebrations in Seville, which feature processions with religious statues and folk music, are well-known. The city's numerous churches and cathedrals, notably the Cathedral of Seville, which is where Christopher Columbus's burial is located, are also open to visitors for Easter services and masses. It can be the chance to experience the unique scent of incense used during the processions, and enjoy the famous tapas.


Easter is a major holiday in Greece, and Athens is the perfect location to take part of the celebration. Tourists can attend midnight mass on Holy Saturday and watch traditional Greek Easter parades on Easter Sunday. The traditional Greek Orthodox Easter ritual of cracking red-dyed eggs with each other for good luck is worth taking a look at.


Vienna is a city with a rich history and culture. The famous Easter procession at the Imperial Palace is one of the traditional Easter processions that visitors can observe as well as classical music concerts. The city's Easter markets give traditional Austrian goods and fare, such as roasted ham and decorated Easter eggs. Visitors can also take part in classes teaching how to paint Easter eggs the traditional way in Austria.


Brussels is a charming city known for its chocolate, beer, and waffles. Easter is a time when you can eat chocolate and waffles with Easter-themed decorations and go to markets offering authentic Belgian foods and crafts. Easter services and masses are also offered by the city's historic temples. It may be an opportunity to indulge in pralines and Easter eggs made of Belgian chocolate.


London is a vibrant city with a diverse culture. Easter egg hunts, Easter-themed activities, and typical English fare like hot cross buns and roast lamb are all available to visitors. Easter services and performances are held at Westminster Abbey and other venerable cathedrals in the city. It can be a good idea to take a walk in one of the city's many parks, such as Hyde Park or St. James's Park, which are perfect for an Easter picnic.


Budapest is a beautiful city with a rich cultural heritage. The Easter markets sell traditional Hungarian crafts and foods, like ham cooked with honey and traditional Easter bread. Easter services and masses are also held at the city's historic cathedrals and chapels. One of the city's well-known thermal spas, like the Széchenyi or Gellért spas, is a great place for visitors to unwind.

Rila Monastery

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Rila Monastery is renowned for its beautiful architecture and extensive past. Visitors can participate in Easter services and observe traditional Easter celebrations in Bulgaria, which feature dancing, singing, and a feast of regional cuisine. Tourists can also take a hike in the nearby Rila Mountains, which offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape.


Krakow is a charming city with a rich cultural heritage. Easter markets offer typical Polish foods and crafts, such as Polish sausage and painted Easter eggs. Easter masses and services are held in the city's historic churches and temples, including the well-known Wawel Cathedral. Visitors can also take part in traditional Polish Easter customs like painting Easter eggs.

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