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BEST Czech Beers

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

There was no piped water or sanitation system back then. We drank from wells, rivers, and lakes. Because we cleaned and bathed in the same places, the water frequently made people sick. As a result, people began to drink beer instead of water because it was safer. Beer was not the same back then. It was served warm and was filling enough to replace a meal. In today's Czech Republic, however, residents choose to drink beer because they enjoy it and continue to consume more beer than any other country on the planet! So let's find the best Czech beer.

Discover with us:


Pilsner Urquell

While this beer is sometimes listed as Polish, it is now exclusively brewed in Plzeň, a top Czech brewery. It was once brewed in Poland and Russia. However, the Czechs now have exclusive brewing rights. It is regarded as the world's first pilsner, having been invented in 1842 by Josef Groll. Pilsner is the world's most popular beer style because it is sessionable, light, and easy to drink. Urquell has a 4.4% ABV and a thick, long-lasting head. It thickens even more, depending on how you pour it. The angle is an art, with three distinct methods - syt, hladinka, and mlíko - depending on the occasion. Urquell is triple-decocted (three times heated Moravian mash) and parallel-brewed with Saaz hops and soft water.


Budweiser beer is produced at the Budvar brewery in České Budějovice, founded in 1895 by Czech citizens. On the other hand, the tradition of brewing beer in České Budějovice dates back to the 13th century, when monks brewed beer in monasteries. Budweiser bottom-fermented beer has an original gravity of 11.90% and a 5.0% alcohol content. It's a refreshing beer.


Gambrinus has been brewed in Pilsen since 1869, in the same brewery that makes Pilsner Urquell. Gambrinus, a legendary king who was considered the inventor of beer brewing, inspired the beer's name. Gambrinus is a bottom-fermented beer with an alcohol content of 11.0%. It has a 5.0% alcohol content and is a light beer but quite dark in color.


The city of Brno was granted the right to brew beer by the Bohemian King, Wenceslas I, as early as 1243. The brewery was constructed in Starobrno. The former monastery brewery's owners built a large, modern brewery called the Old Brno Brewery in 1872. Starobrno is still brewed here today by a Heineken subsidiary. The original gravity of the pale lager is 11%, and the alcohol content is 4%.


Radegast is made in the same brewery in Nošovice, near the Polish border. The brewery was established in 1965. Radegast is a pale beer with a 10% original gravity and a 4% alcohol content. It tastes slightly bitter.


In 1869, the Czech Republic's second-largest brewery was established in Prague. The art of brewing here impressed even Emperor Franz Josef I. A Czech avant-garde artist designed the brewery's logo. Staropramen means "Old Spring" in Czech. It is a bottom-fermented pale beer with a 12.0% original wort and a 5.0% alcohol content.

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