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探索最好的 Lisbon




充满活力的里斯本市有很多让您惊叹的地方。探索里斯本的精华——建筑、艺术、历史、色彩、文化、美味佳肴,您可以在里斯本市找到所有这些东西。它曾经是葡萄牙帝国的首都,如今它被认为是欧洲最实惠的首都之一。与 步行鹦鹉一起体验葡萄牙首都最风景如画的地区和热闹的夜生活。

Discover the Portuguese Gastronomy

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Ceaser (our guide) was excellent and the food was amazing. We would not have found some of the places to eat without the tour and that is exactly why it was so good.

Great Experience


This was a well organized outing. It was fun to try different food, be led by a local and people meet from different countries.

Greaty fun and tasty too!

Meryl B

Very enjoyable experience!! Lots of beautiful food and an overall amazing time. It was incredible to try a totally different cuisine. We felt very engaged and the conversation was lovely. 5 out of 5!!!

An enjoyable evening


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