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 The 最好的旅行和体验,让您体验永远不会忘记的冒险 



在 The Walking Parrot 中,我们很自豪地说,我们每天都在努力成为我们所在的每个城市的最佳旅游供应商。我们以公平的价格提供最高水平的旅游,这将改变您的旅行和体验,您将永远不会忘记.沉浸在当地文化中,发现所有有趣的事物 在您的下一个目的地发现。 

Warsaw tours The Walking Parrot



Lisbon tours The Walking Parrot



Porto tours The Walking Parrot







计划您的旅行以充分利用它可能具有挑战性,并且需要多年的经验才能使其完美。在 The Walking Parrot,我们都对旅行充满热情,凭借我们积累的经验,我们成为了市场上最好的旅行家。无论您是想参观我们实际存在的城市,还是只想为您的朋友和家人组织一个梦想计划,计划一次企业静修或完美的目的地婚礼,请联系我们,我们将竭诚为您服务你可以想象得到你想象的最好的交易。 

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Pierogi Polish Food tour Warsaw The Walking Parrot

Polish Food Tour


Our food tour in Warsaw, city with vibrant gastronomy, offers you to taste the most emblematic dishes of the Polish cuisine! A local guide will be there with you to present the background of each typical dish!

Francesinha Portuguese food tour Porto The Walking Parrot

Portuguese Food Tour

Our Portuguese food tour of Porto will give you the opportunity to try the most traditional dishes and wines of this city and to discover their development and history. 

Pastel de nata Portuguese Food tour Lisbon The Walking Parrot

Portuguese Food Tour

In our food tour of Lisbon you will visit the best and most authentic restaurants of the city which will present you the essence of the Portuguese cuisine. Join our food tour in the city of Lisbon plenty of new tastes to discover!

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Warsaw walking Tour

Explore the city of Warsaw, its history and culture. Join our walking tour and discover the most famous spots of Warsaw with our guides that share love and passion about the city. 

Porto walking Tour

The city of Porto has a lot to surprise you with. Come to discover its curiosities and enjoy some attractions that are part of the  UNESCO World Heritage.

Lisbon walking Tour

Lisbon is a capital full of history. An intense and emotional experience is to walk with a professional guide that will take you to the most impactful points while sharing with you all about the Portuguese culture.


Destination Weddings

Plan your dream Wedding with no hassle, we take care of everything you need. Just schedule a call with us and find out.

Group Travel

Make your travel cheaper by doing it with a group of friends. Talk with us and we will help you plan the best vacations for a fair price!

Hen Parties

Your best friend will be amazed by everything we prepare for them! Just speak to us and relax, we will do the hard work for you.

School Tours

We know how time and power-consuming it would be to organize a school tour. With our long experience, we are here to help you to provide the best trip for your students.

Corporate Events

Planning an event for your teams can be extremely challenging, however we are professionals with a lot of experience in making your life easy, just tell us what you need and we take care of everything!

Stag Parties

Organize the best stag party for your best friend. If you do not know where to start, you are in the right place. Whatever crazy idea you have The walking parrot will make it real.

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