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Why Travel?

Travel, my friend, travel as far as you can.

Travel alone, in pairs or groups, but travel. Let the explorer in you go out and impose himself with strength. Travel when you're happy, sad or bored. Travel when you are looking for something: a place, a person, an emotion or just yourself. Travel when you have time. Travel when you are retired. Travel on weekends. Sleep little and learn a lot. Come back more tired than when you left. Travel because travellers live longer. Give yourself a reason to be alive.

Travel, my friend.

Grinds miles on foot, in a dirty train or a little bus. Travel with a heavy backpack, but a light heart. Rolled in the snow. Run barefoot on the beach. Stop and admire the colours of the Lapland sky. Count the stars in Africa. Watch the sunsets, which light up everything, and be breathless. Be silent before the dance of the Northern Lights. Be amazed at the beauty of nature. Go away. No matter where. Five minutes from home or five hours in the time zone don't make a difference. The important thing is that you travel.

Travel, my friend.

Do it with the eyes of a child discovering the wonder of things for the first time. Travel if you have a lot of money or a little money. Travel to help and get help. Travel to find that you'll always have a hand to help you. Travel to eliminate clichés. Travel to touch hands of all colours, and always smile my friend. Don't feel superior. You are not superior. You weren't born with the right skin colour. Because there is no right or wrong colour. There are skins, skins darker than others to protect you better from the sun.

Travel, my friend.

Travel because traveling is about discovering that the less you have, the happier you are. Travel to understand new cultures, discover new tastes and languages. Teach your children that there is nothing more beautiful than travelling with your eyes bright and your heart in your hands. Travel for yourself, but also for others. Travel to broaden your horizons and become a better person. Travel to be, not to appear. Travel with your heart in your hands. Travel to carve the smiles of children everywhere you meet into your skin. Travel without prejudice, clichés or hearsay. Touch the realities of the world with your hand. Give yourself emotions, indelible memories and an open mind.

You'll be rich by now.

Really rich.

Rich at heart.

That's why to travel.

I dedicate these words to you, but also to me.

I dedicate them to you, traveller, who found yourself in my words.

I dedicate them to you who see a big difference between a simple holiday and a journey.

I dedicate them to you that every day you save money, you make sacrifices to afford that trip: continue like that, it will be money well spent.

I dedicate them to you, who know perfectly well that it is not always easy to leave it seems so selfish that every time you give up, you always refer to a "better time", which unfortunately has not yet arrived.

I dedicate these words to you too, who see your son leave and do not understand him, you would like him to spend that money to build a future and that he should "put his head right".

I wrote them for you and me, to remind us that life is now. Life is out there, and we can't waste our little time in one place.

Travel, my friend, travel as much as you can because traveling will make you feel incredibly alive.

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