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What to eat in Cagliari?

Updated: May 31, 2022

The proximity to the sea has greatly contributed to the growth of Cagliari's culinary tradition, which introduces the preparation of fish in a variety of ways and strictly follows the oldest customs. Alongside this are all the resources this land has to offer, from bread making to the preparation of meat dishes.

Sardinian gastronomic culture is truly vast and original and should be discovered for its importance, therefore, we would like to make one last recommendation: don't forget to end your meal with a glass of myrtle liqueur, a mouth-watering specialty!

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Panada, or Sa Panada in Sardinian, is a stuffed cake typical of Sardinian cuisine. Its origins are lost in the mists of time and it is very difficult to trace back exactly when it made its way into traditional Sardinian dishes.

Pane Carasau

What to eat in Cagliari?

Carasau bread, also known as 'Carta da musica' (music paper), is a special type of bread originating in Sardinia. It is a very thin, circular sheet of bread (between 15 and 40 centimeters in diameter and two millimeters thick) that is very crispy and made from durum wheat or barley flour. Carasau bread takes its name from the "carasatura", or second baking: this type of bread undergoes a first baking that involves the swelling of the bread discs and then a second baking that is carried out after cutting each disc of bread in half.


Sardinia is famous for its delicious seafood dishes, but one of the most interesting and easiest to prepare is undoubtedly the orziadas, perfect to be enjoyed as a main course or even as an appetizing finger food appetizer.

The basic ingredient of Orziadas are sea anemones, which, despite their stinging tentacles, are really tasty once they have been carefully cleaned and cooked, whether eaten alone or as a pasta sauce.

Very popular in the area of Oristano and Cagliari, in our recipe, we suggest you make fried orziadas and enjoy them hot with salt and lemon juice.


Or fregola is one of the oldest traditional Sardinian dishes. It is a dried pasta made from durum wheat semolina in the form of small, porous, normally irregularly shaped balls, slightly larger than couscous, to which it is closely related in taste and preparation.

Fregola is defined by some as a variant of couscous. According to others, it is the original product of the invective of some Sardinian women to make the most of the maritime vocation of the city of Cagliari. What is certain is that for the people of Cagliari it is the ideal way to enjoy the beloved clams found in one of the most recognizable areas of the city.


Also called porcheddu, it is a traditional Sardinian second course and is the Sardinian suckling pig or porchetto. Its origins are rooted in the Spanish culture that influenced and dominated the island for over 200 years (from 1479 to 1713). It was originally a typical recipe for the Easter period. Nowadays it is prepared with a pig of no more than seven kilos and cooked on a spit, flavored and spiced with saffron, nutmeg, black pepper, thyme, myrtle, and mint.

What to eat in Cagliari?



This typical Sardinian cake was originally baked for All Saints' Day, although nowadays you don't have to wait for this date to eat it, you can find it everywhere in Sardinia! You can find several derivatives in taste of these little cakes, which are originally cooked with flour, sugar, egg, almonds, raisins, and nuts.

What to eat in Cagliari?


If you go to Sardinia, you must try this dessert! It is one of the most typical and iconic in the region! These kinds of empanadas are usually made with semolina flour, water, pecorino, lard, and honey.


This dessert was originally eaten at Easter by the inhabitants of Sardinia. They are a kind of tartlet filled with ricotta and citrus fruits.



This Italian digestif is produced especially in Sardinia, which makes it even more popular in the region. If you have never heard of limoncello, it is alcohol that is matured with lemon peel, sugar, and water.

What to eat in Cagliari?


You will find more than 150 autochthonous grape varieties in Sardinia, enough to make wine their specialty too!

Try the white wine Vermentino di Gallura if you want to discover Sardinia's only DOCG wine. If you want to try one of the most famous, try the Cannonau wine.

To buy your local wines or even for other local products, go to the San Benetto market located in Cagliari to really immerse yourself in a local experience and good products!

This small guide to local products to try during your stay in Cagliari, or in Sardinia in general, or to discover the food of this beautiful region.

If you like to discover Italian food, don't hesitate to read our articles on food in Milan, in Turin, or food in the Liguria region.

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