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What to eat in Andorra

Updated: Mar 15

Andorra is a small country which is located in the Pyrenees mountains between Spain and France. The cuisine of Andorra is strongly influenced by both its neighboring countries, resulting in a unique blend of Catalan, Spanish, and French flavors. You will be amazed by the variety of dishes you can try there and you will definitely be impressed by the whole experience. Let’s dive into this article and explore what is a must-try when you visit Andorra. If you are visiting Andorra, don't forget to check out our previous articles on this country: What to visit in Andorra and Winter and Summer in Andorra.

In this Article we will give an insight into Andorra's traditional dishes, more specifically, sweet and salty food, additionally we are giving some drink recommendations.

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What to eat in Andorra

what to eat in Andorra

Salty food

Andorra has a wide variety of traditional dishes. Here we listed some of the most popular choices of both travelers and locals.


This is one of the most traditional dishes, which is defined as a comforting food made from cabbage, potatoes, and bacon. All the ingredients are mashed, and then fried together until crispy. It is typically served as a side dish or as a main course. Trinxat holds a significant place in Andorran culinary culture and is enjoyed on various occasions throughout the year.

Civet de Jabalí

In Andorra, civet de Jabal, a stew made from wild pig, is considered a delicacy. The beef is slow-cooked with red wine, garlic, onions, and flavorful herbs after being marinated. With potatoes or polenta, it produces a delicious and tender dish that is common.

Trucha a la Andorrana

Trucha a la Andorrana is a very traditional dish made with locally caught trout. The trout is often seasoned with a variety of herbs. Some people prefer to add almonds as well. It can be grilled, roasted, or pan-fried, and is a popular choice for seafood lovers. Do not miss to try it during your visit to Andorra.


Escudella is a traditional Catalan stew, which is also the Andorra' national dish. The stew is made using white beans, ham bone, veal or beef marrow bone, chicken, pork sausage, cured ham, cabbage, potatoes, rice, noodles and chickpeas. This ingredient list is not set in stone, locals normally prepare this dish with whatever meat and vegetables they can find in the pantry. For more important occasions, this dish is being prepared with loads of different types of meat, like bacon, homemade sausage, ham, chicken or lamb, and they even add cooked pasta shells to it. It is truly the perfect soup to warm you up on a cold winter day.



Emboli's is an Andorran sausage typically made from pork and is seasoned with salt and black pepper. The most popular type of embotits is obach, a slowly dried and curated sausage from Organyà. Embotits are often served cold as an appetizer, either in itself or on a piece of buttered bread, and some vegetables on the side.

Andorran cheese

In the high-altitude regions and French department of Ariège, located nearby, exquisite soft and sharp sheep's cheese is crafted, alongside tangy goat's cheese known for its harder texture. During the summer months, these cheeses often find their way into seasonal salads, which is a popular choice among locals and visitors alike. Restaurants in the area take pride in offering salads featuring the finest Andorran cheese, sourced from the abundant milk produced by contented sheep and goats from verdant mountain pastures. Whether savoring the creamy richness of soft sheep's cheese or of goat's cheese, each mouthful is a true delight. Summer becomes even more enjoyable with the addition of these cheeses to fresh salads, highlighting their exceptional flavors.

Sweet food

Andorra caters with plenty of options for a sweet delight. Here we listed some of the most popular homemade desserts.

Crema Andorrana

This dessert is a creamy dessert, which will remind you to crème brûlée. The ingredients for crema Andorrana include egg yolks, milk, sugar, and vanilla. After that, the dessert is baked until it forms a smooth and rich custard. The top is caramelized to create a caramelized sugar crust. It is a popular dessert option in Andorran cuisine.


Orelletes is a very well-known traditional Andorran pastry, which is very similar to fritters or doughnuts. They are typically made by deep-frying a dough flavored with anise or lemon zest. As a final touch, orelletes are dusted with powdered sugar.

Brac de Gitano

Brac de Gitano is a sweet cream roll filled with apricot cream. The think cake layer is made with eggs, sugar, flour, butter, and almond extract, while the cream consists of whipped cream, apricot or peach jam, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, and almonds. Andorrans enjoy this dessert with a cup of tea or coffee.


There are plenty of drinks in Andorra brought in from the border or France and Spain, however they are proud to claim some of their traditional drinks as well, which we listed below.


Ratafia is a traditional liqueur which gained popularity in Andorra. The ingredients which are used for preparing this liqueur are green walnuts, herbs, spices, and sometimes fruit, which are infused with alcohol. The flavor is very sweet and nutty and this drink is often enjoyed as a digestif or an aperitif. It is typically served in small glasses or as a topping for desserts.


Granizado is a local Andorran specialty made with fruit juice and sometimes coffee and crushed ice. This icy fruity beverage is beloved by both locals and visitors on a warm Summer day. This drink is normally served in a tall glass with a straw, similarly to a slushy or slurpee.

We have reached the end of this article about what to eat in Andorra. We hope you enjoy the variety of dishes that we have shared with you! In the meantime, you can read other articles on our website. Remember to follow us @thewalkingparrotto be continuously updated on the new releases. We will be back soon with a new article!

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